Will the BMW M2 hold its value like the 1M?

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The BMW 1 Series M became a cult hero when it debuted in 2011. Only 2,700 units initially planned – final number was 6300 – …

The BMW 1 Series M became a cult hero when it debuted in 2011. Only 2,700 units initially planned – final number was 6300 – and they all sold rather quickly. BMW had no issue with 1Ms sitting on dealer lots. Because of their rarity and desirability, along with the overall story behind the 1M, they have actually risen in value since they left showroom floors. When the 1 Series M first debuted, it cost around $46,000. The average price of a second-hand 1M today, with good mileage, is around $60,000. That’s an average increase of about $14,000 in value. That’s remarkable and must give any 1M owner the right to throw that in their wife’s face, “See, honey, the sports car wasn’t a bad idea.”

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The 1 Series M made its owner very happy with its increase in value. But will the same thing happen for the BMW M2?

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Also being made in limited numbers, thought far more will be made than the 1 Series M, the BMW M2 is the successor to the 1M. It has all of the same ingredients that made fans so woozy over the 1M. The M2 is small, fast and fun and is reminiscent of the old-school BMW M car. It’s also going to be rare and it’s the first car of its name, so no doubt that enthusiasts and collectors will want it. There’s also no doubt that it will sell out quickly, so it won’t be available for long, which will increase its desirability.

Enthusiasts who can’t get their hands on one brand new will have to shop the second-hand market and will likely pay top-dollar for one. The same thing happened with the 1M. Usually a car’s value plummets the moment it drives off of the lot, but the 1M’s limited units were in such high demand, immediately, that people were paying full price, or even more, for a used model. A similar thing could happen to the BMW M2 as well. However, how long will its luster last? Will it last as long as the 1M’s and will it ever appreciate as much as the 1M?


The answer for both questions is likely, no. While the BMW M2 should be one of the most exciting BMW’s in a very long time, it doesn’t have the allure that the 1M did. The BMW 1 Series M kind of came out of nowhere and wasn’t something BMW did often. It was also, seemingly, built out of scraps. It had a BMW Z4 engine, it’s brakes, differential and subframes were from the BMW M3 and they were all stuffed into a more aggressive version of BMW’s smallest body. So it was kind of like that meal you make out of leftovers that accidentally ends up being fantastic.

The BMW M2 doesn’t have that kind of character. The M2 is purpose built and designed to be a hotter version of the beloved M235i. The M2 will trump the 1M in terms of performance, speed and everyday usability. But it likely won’t have that “IT” factor that made the 1M so special.

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The BMW M2 is likely to appreciate a bit in value, due to its rarity and whatnot, but it most likely won’t have the same stratospheric rise as the transcendent 1 Series M. While that might upset BMW M2 owners in the future, it should make 1M owners smile as they watch their car appreciate even further. The BMW M2 will be a special car, but likely not as special as the 1M.

17 responses to “Will the BMW M2 hold its value like the 1M?”

  1. Noel says:

    I’m calling BS on the M2 production units. Unless BMW is planning on killing the 2 series, they should keep the M2 part of the M family. If the M2 is a limited run, you will be force to upgrade to a M4 (M3 is not a coupe) or downgrade to a M235i .

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Limited as far they can only make so many on that line in Leipzig. So while not limited as the 1M, it will be.

      The 1M was also limited cause they just couldn’t make more. Not for any other reason

      • Noel says:

        Well let see what happens. I have about a year and six months left on my X5. Hopefully they will still be around, but I strongly doubt it.

  2. evoiii67 says:

    I just read here at BMW Blog that for the UK BMW is only going to import 500 units. I hope they don’t follow the same pattern for the US or other countries since I need my 1M to keeps its value, specially with only 17k miles :-). Hopefully it’s going to follow the same M3/M4 production pattern based on chasis. This is, start producing the M model between the second and third year of chassis production, in this case the F22, then just adapt to demand.

    For me, the M2 doesn’t look as unique as the 1M with it’s huge fenders to accommodate the E9x front and rear subframe among other things. Yes, the fenders are a little wider on the M2, but you really got to look hard to see it.

    I’m sure it’s going to be a fun car, no doubt, and I might get one instead of an M3, but I guess I’ll keep my 1M and Sport Evo E30 M3, two unique machines…

  3. Icebreakerr says:

    yes they will hold value. the UK is only getting 500 so..

  4. Tom says:

    It seems the 1M was limited due to it being introduced at the end of the E87 production run. Also, per Wikipedia, it appears many more than the cited 2,700 were made.

    “BMW was originally going to release the 1M Coupé as a limited production
    model of 2,700 units. Due to overwhelming demand, the company lifted
    the cap. Nevertheless, production of the 1M Coupé stopped in June 2012,
    with 740 units sold in the US and a further 220 sold in Canada. Total
    6309 cars sold worldwide.”


  5. syed says:

    Agreed. the M2 will never be as special as the 1M……then again, no other modern BMW will be as special as the 1M! It was a one-off, one of a kind freak…….that being said, the M2 will be a lot of fun for their owners, but will also depreciate like any other BMW M car. There are very few ‘modern’ cars that have gone UP in value since new; the 911 GT3 4.0 RS, Ford GT, BMW 1M, and now the Cayman GT4. Even a car like the Z8 went down in value for several years before its prices went back up….

  6. Vincent says:

    I’d like to say that all the 1M bits made it special but I’m afraid its the limited production with supply demand and prices are going down well under the original value now. Produced in even greater numbers the M2 like any other M car is going to depreciate… but I think that is good news…no sharks trying to shaft people on prices…and expect to be able to get a deal from the stealer as they have to make volume budgets :D

  7. 1M owner says:

    You guys need to get your facts straight. More than 2700 1Ms were built, it’s more like 7000. The M2 won’t be limited either, production will continue until the F22 cycle ends. Can’t belive you call yourself bmwblog and don’t know the facts.

  8. white1m says:

    Check out this 1M from Chicago: http://www.white1m.com/

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