Video: A Ford Mustang Takes On A BMW M5 In A Drag Race

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A BMW F10 M5 goes against a Ford Mustang GT in another interesting drag race. Both vehicles posses quite a lot of horsepower and torque …

A BMW F10 M5 goes against a Ford Mustang GT in another interesting drag race. Both vehicles posses quite a lot of horsepower and torque available to their drivers and they each have their own way of creating immense loads of power.

The BMW F10 M5 is a performance-oriented sedan with a 4.4 L V8 turbo petrol engine delivering 560 horsepower (412 kW) at 6000 – 7000 rpm and maximum torque of 502 lb-ft (680 Newton meters) from 1500 – 5750 rpm. It can get from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in 4.2 seconds.

The Ford Mustang GT is also powered by a V8 engine which delivers 412 hp and 390 ft-lbs of torque. It can accelerate from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in 4.7 seconds. The previous generation Mustang took a few design cues from the historical Mustang models, adding a bit of old school looks and flavor, albeit with modern high-performance. Which one takes the win?

Press play and find out below!

26 responses to “Video: A Ford Mustang Takes On A BMW M5 In A Drag Race”

  1. Voodoo_U says:

    Wow. So the car with more horsepower and torque won. Shocking. Also, the Mustang got a terrible launch (probably forgot to turn off traction control).

    I’ll take the Mustang any day over that kraut krap.

    • mustangs rednecks says:

      you can take your hillbilly mustang with its 70’s engineering and solid rear axles. Mustang fanboys are the worst..

      • Voodoo_U says:

        You are incorrect. BMW fanboys are the worst. Defending a shit company who makes shit cars that fall apart a mere 3k miles after their warranty expires. I will happily keep my Mustang and laugh as I blow past all the little dudebros in their German shitbox.

        • elon mask says:

          I would suggest you get a job or a hobby. You have 200 plus comments on DISQUS alone boy…You comment on everything and argue on everything..BMW owners are the most educated owners and has the highest median income..survey says. Of course you will still gonna argue against the facts.

          • Voodoo_U says:

            BMW owners are hardly the most educated. They’re actually just suckers, and they’re born every minute.

            Just because I enjoy commenting on articles and engaging in lively debates with braindead BMW fanboys doesn’t mean I don’t have other hobbies, like kicking their ass on the track because their cars are a joke.

          • Elon Mask says:

            See what I mean? You dismiss any facts like a usual troll. Again Bmw owners are the most educated among car owners and have the highest median income. I suggest you look it up yourself. Stop being an drunk internet troll..

        • m// says:

          is that why BMW is at the top 10 in reliability while Ford is wayyy down at the bottom? You my friend is a misguided/misinformed BMW hating troll..

          • Voodoo_U says:

            I’ve owned three of them and a MINI. I have a friend who, stupidly, keeps buying these shitboxes even after each has failed her miserably and cost her tens of thousands in repairs over the years. They are shit.

          • M// says:

            You’re just a typical jibberish troll who don’t own anything. You hear these, you hear that and you argue about it. Educate yourself first, then comment. Ford is worst in reliability and Bmw is top 10. I dare you to do the research and then answer me. Go..

          • mustangs rednecks says:

            You argue so much you don’t even know who you are.. Anybody with brain knows you don’t know anything about Bmw. Let alone owned them. Have some dignity and pride. You have no creed.

    • Z06 Hellcat says:

      It seems that all you do is comment and insult people on the internet..You sound like a uneducated 12 year old. I bet you can’t afford even a used E39 M5 even if its free..

      • Voodoo_U says:

        Why the hell would I want an E39 M5? The maintenance alone would cost more than a new car.

        BMWs are douche canoes. Overrated, overpriced shitboxes for ego maniacs to sit around and talk about how much they spent on a car.

        • Z06 Hellcat says:

          Internet trolling will not help you move out of your mom’s basement. I suggest you go get a job and stop hating. BMW is the top selling premium carmaker for 3 years now. Does that mean all those million customers are wrong and pretentious? Get a clue..

          • Voodoo_U says:

            Sorry to disappoint you, again, but I have not lived at home since I was 18. BMW is the top selling car maker. That just means there’s a lot of people out there leasing and turning in their shitboxes before their warranties expire.

          • Houdini says:

            Lol! Bmw are selling their certified pre owned like hot cakes. It has a warranty of 6 years and 75k miles with free maintenance. You’re really is a misinformed troll. Tell me of any American carmaker that does that. Bmw as unreliable is grossly overstated. It’s far more reliable than any American cars. Educate yourself.

        • Z06 Hellcat says:

          You need to change your name to WWE diva..Lol..very loud lol..Did you even finish high school? I mean, who watches wrestling anymore…Get some breeding boy. Not I breeding..

          • Gustav says:

            Typical skin head keyboard warrior BMW hating troll. They’re all over the internet. He’s not worth your time bud.

          • Voodoo_U says:

            Skin head? Wow. No, not even close. And I’m no keyboard warrior. I would quite happily tell you to your face your BMW is a piece of shit. I did it to BMW; why would I be scared to do it to a fanboy? What, are you going to shoot me because I have a different opinion than you? Or are you too scared to actually take your German shitbox to the track because it might scratch the paint and make you look bad at the country club?

          • Gustav says:

            Only your kind would have that rage while arguing about a’re anti German rage is something else.. The other fellows here are quite right. You need to stop arguing with people on the Internet. You’re immaturity is laughable..

          • Voodoo_U says:

            No, I am clearly an inarticulate mouth breather who never finished high school, has never seen a real girl naked, all because I hate shitty BMWs and watch pro-wrestling. You totally got me.

        • Donald Tramp says:

          So, according to your obvious jealousy driven theory,people who has means that buys premium cars are all ego maniacs. You need to go out and associate yourself with successful people instead of harboring hatred and jealousy towards them. Why do you even bother arguing in BMW thread when you hate BMW. You need to get your head examined.

          • Voodoo_U says:

            Oh kiss my ass dick, you don’t know shit about me. I’ve owned three BMWs AND a fucking piece of shit MINI and I will never own another one. Overrated fucking trash. Just like their fans.

          • Donald Tramp says:

            You obviously didn’t own any Bmw otherwise you wouldn’t be saying these idiotic uninformed comments.. Hatred and jealousy will get you nowhere.. Pathetic..

          • Black physicist says:

            Stop lying! In all my years, Ive never known anybody who likes WWE, hates Germans and Bmw and yet claim to have owned 3 Bmw. You are a poseur. The more you talk the dumber you sound like. You came here just to pick a fight and you seceded. But you are getting exposed and laugh at. But that’s typical of your kind. Bwahahahaha!

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