For Sale: 1991 BMW 850i

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BMW enthusiasts have been clamoring on for quite some time about the Bavarian brand’s need for a replacement to the wonderful 8 Series of the late …

BMW enthusiasts have been clamoring on for quite some time about the Bavarian brand’s need for a replacement to the wonderful 8 Series of the late ’80s and early ’90s. The 8 Series was a car that everyone seemed to love. It’s hard not to, really. That wedge shape is still one of the best to come out of Bavaria and the interior has ruched leather seats (C’mon, that’s awesome). Plus, if you had the wallet to spring for the 850i, you got a mighty V12 engine under the long sharp bonnet. Who doesn’t want a V12, seriously?

Well, if you couldn’t get an 850i brand new, which many couldn’t due to its equally mighty price tag, you can get one now for pennies by comparison. This particular model is a 1991 model with 113,000 miles, which is nothing for a car that’s over 20 years old. Plus, a BMW V12 will never die. It looks fantastic in black, which gives it a mean and menacing look. The tan interior isn’t as aggressive, but it’s a nice place to spend some time while smashing the autobahn to pieces with your mighty V12. It’s four-speed automatic is antiquated, but it’ll do. Plus those long gear ratios will allow you to just ride the V12’s tidal wave of silky-smooth torque.

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This really is a fine example of the 850i, as it’s in excellent condition with very little wear and tear. The good thing is that it isn’t absolutely perfect, so you can drive it everyday if you want without fear of every pebble in the road. It’s a driver’s car, not a show car. Those are the best kinds of classics. Though, being that this thing drinks gasoline like we drink water, it’s probably not the best daily driver. However, it would make a great second car or weekend car. Maybe something to take the wife out to dinner in on a special occasion. It has that “night out” kind of feel to it, as it’s sleek, seductive and powerful, especially in black.

This particular model is $15,900 and I think that’s pretty good for a V12 BMW supercar/grand tourer with heated ruched leather seats. The mileage is even pretty good considering its age and it’s in awesome condition. This BMW 850i is one helluva cool classic car and one to drive regularly.

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Bonus video: One of the best Top Gear episodes featured Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson being forced to by V12 sports cars for the price of a Nissan Micra. Clarkson chose a Mercedes CLS 500 while Hammond sprung for a BMW 850i. It’s very cool to see how comfortable and powerful these cars are, even when compared to today’s sports cars. Though both cars did lose a bit of power over the years, but we’ll just skip past that part.

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  1. dslindc says:

    Awesome! Reading about the 8-series in Motor Trend and Car & Driver before I was old enough to drive in the early 90s was what turned me on to BMW.

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