Is Mercedes-Benz braver than BMW?

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BMW and Mercedes-Benz has been the closest of rivals for a long, long time. It’s no secret that these two companies watch what the other …

BMW and Mercedes-Benz has been the closest of rivals for a long, long time. It’s no secret that these two companies watch what the other does very closely and gameplay accordingly. You can tell each company benchmarks the other, as each company has a car that the other tries to replicate. The Mercedes-Benz C Class has long hunted the perfect balance that embodies the BMW 3 Series and the BMW 7 Series has been searching for the level of luxury that the Mercedes-Benz S Class wears so well.

Lately, however, the two companies have been growing apart, slightly. They haven’t been after each other so much and seem to be going in unique directions a bit more than ever. BMW seems to be headed towards a much more efficient and technological future. Mercedes seems to want to become the greatest luxury car maker in the world. But when it comes to creating one’s own direction, is Mercedes-Benz the braver car company?

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BMW has become a bit of a pioneer lately, with its latest i Division, which is a bold division. Cars like the i3 and i8 push the game forward and that’s always a risky endeavor. But Mercedes-Benz seems to create cars that simply should not exist and it gets people to buy them anyway. For instance, America doesn’t like wagons, at all. But MB was able to sell an E63 AMG Wagon, quite possible the most ridiculous and amazing wagon on sale, here in the ‘States. It didn’t sell very well, but that didn’t stop Mercedes from making it. It also shoehorns big twin-turbo V8s under the hood of its AMG C63 instead of downsizing to blown sixes like everyone else. Mercedes-Benz develops cars that seem like madness in the current market but sells them anyway. The folks in Stuttgart have balls of steel, that’s for sure.

BMW won’t even sell the 5 Series Touring here in the United States for the reason that no one would buy it. Hell, BMW won’t even sell the 1 Series hatchback here, something American enthusiasts have been begging for. Mercedes-Benz will not only give us wagons, but stuff them with the most preposterously large V8s it can fit. BMW sells us its X1 SUV which competes with the Mercedes-Benz GLA Class. However, the one with the Three-Pointed Star on the hood can be had in insane AMG form, while the X1 doesn’t even sniff a real M badge. BMW does have the X6 M, but that’s about it. Mercedes-Benz is thinking about making a car that literally transforms. It’s these kinds of things that maker Mercedes-Benz far braver than BMW, in terms of what vehicles it develops and sells.

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Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake

But we’ve known that BMW has become a bit conservative over the past few decades. In the ’80s, BMW developed the original M5 which was madness for the time. And that was right after the Giugiaro designed BMW M1. That’s when BMW had big cojones. But now, everything is about small, turbocharged and efficient engines. While cars like this can still be exciting, and very much are in their own way, I think I can safely say that we’d all like to see BMW get a little of its gunslinger attitude back and make silly cars just because it can. Mercedes-Benz does it, so BMW should too.

7 responses to “Is Mercedes-Benz braver than BMW?”

  1. 196ski says:

    GL 63 AMG, most amazing car I have ever owned including a couple of Porsche 911’s.

  2. Indrit Selimi says:

    No doubt MB will take over on BMW…the last builds perfectly precise German cars in the dullest German fashion…

  3. Michael Christopher Frazier IV says:

    mb has finally found their spot. tech, forward ultra luxury and supremacy. hard to neglect power, status, luxury, future segment.

  4. Pavel Cervinka says:

    MB hasn’t made a single inline-6 engine for passenger cars for about a decade. And that’s what BMW makes, and makes it well. Also, MB’s A and B Klasse are front-wheel-drive “cheap hatchbacks”, wrapped into a very expensive “three-star” wrapping, and the “modern” idiots, who haven’t seen the 1972 Vanishing Point, buy that dirty trick. Okay, BMW came with first FWD mini-MPV, after having found that 60% of their customers don’t know which wheels are attached to engine and what it effectively means, but still, they have made one car for cocks, but keep the amazing inline-6 (both petrol and diesel) ones for the real drivers. AMG 63 is stupid, useful just to show off on a straight enough section of German Autobahn, or in the US to accelerate on lights from 0 to 30 mph, gulping hectolitres of fossil fuel…

    Tell me, how many people can buy an E63, or C63? And did Mercedes already solve the troublesome rear axle on C-series? Oh and BTW, did anyone try to take C63 to twisty B-roads? Oh I forgot that in US people just cruise 65mph straight on a highway 95% of driving time (except cities, where people spend 95% time sitting in a clusterf*ck in their F-150s of which which 99% will have never seen a slight indication of situation which would require the stupid ground clearance or 4×4 in their lifespan)…

    Oh by the way – don’t worry you’re not getting 1-series, it’s almost as bad as MB A-Klasse, despite RWD…

    I don’t mind if BMW makes lesser profit than MB, as long as it makes the cars for me.

    And I say that whilst driving W210/estate – indeed the last inline-6 diesel MB was making (well, they put it also in first generation of W211, but that doesn’t really count :-D )… “because BMW doesn’t make such a big estate for a family”. But the car I’d ever enjoyed to drive the most was E36. It drove like kart. And unfortunately, even the nowadays 3-series has that feeling long gone (last time maybe in E46).

    I just hope BMW’s “i” division soon comes with an “i3 for normal people” – noticeably cheaper, maybe with fewer gadgets… as that’s the way to compete on EV market. Maybe it could be even smaller, say, “i1”? They’d done hell of a job with the electric scooter – I just wish I could afford that one! Luckily for them, clogged cities’ police forces across Europe have better financial situation than me!

  5. T says:

    Interesting but you are aware that Mercedes are not federalising the next E-Klasse T-Modell for the USA because they are outsold by the ML/GLE. Which is why you have seen a rapid increase in their SUVs with the whole range being renewed,regenerated and expanded.
    BMW are doing the same thing as are Audi because the segment for SUVs and Crossovers are at their highest.

    The Mercedes-Benz B-Klasse is in a very popular segment of Europe therefore it reflects that market with its unique passenger concept, the same goes for the BMW 2er Active Tourer which globally accounts for 70% of overall 2er units. Since introduction in 2011 the B-Klasse has sold over 100,000 units.

    The BMWi cars to this day have not been imitated in either concept or visual presence. With key competitors not anywhere near the ability to produce and engineering and advanced concept using CFRP. With high priced super cars and hyper cars being the exception, implementation on a standard volume car like the i3 or indeed a 7er will not be seen until the very end of this decade.

    In regards to a vehicle that can adjust its exterior don’t forget the pioneer of shape-shifting cars in this era was the BMW GINA with its unique morphing skin and concept

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