A BMW Supercar might finally be coming…with McLaren’s help.

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Fear not BMW fans, the Bavarian brand may have finally heard your cries. Ever since the debut of the BMW i8, the idea of a …

Fear not BMW fans, the Bavarian brand may have finally heard your cries. Ever since the debut of the BMW i8, the idea of a mid-engined BMW supercar seemed more realistic than ever. Fans have been begging BMW for such a car ever since, to only have their dreams crushed when BMW would deny a supercar for the future. Well, it turns out that a BMW supercar may be coming after all. And McLaren will be helping BMW build it.

A new chairman, Harald Krüger (who we all hope is doing well) and new M Division Boss, Frank Van Meel have brought new life to the idea of a BMW supercar. The idea was actually previously in the works, before the BMW i8 had been born. The idea was to make a supercar with a carbon fiber tub that would house a mid-engine V8. However, the previous bosses at BMW squashed the idea, claiming that it was too expensive and that it would tarnish the green image BMW had spent billions on trying to create at the time. So after many failed proposals for such a supercar, the BMW i8 was born.

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While incredibly impressive and fantastic to drive, the BMW i8 doesn’t quench the supercar thirst had by so many enthusiast, especially the BMW M engineers. BMW’s M team wants to create a supercar and it seems that the new BMW bosses are game for it.

This supercar, not scheduled to hit the road until 2019, will be a coupe at first with a roadster possibly coming later and will be co-developed by McLaren. The British supercar company will design and develop a carbon fiber tub as well as the chassis. Both McLaren and BMW will have their own versions of this joint supercar and they will both be built off of the same chassis, the same one being developed for the P16, McLaren’s next supercar.

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BMW/McLaren Supercar rendering

BMW will provide the power plant, which is rumored to be a 4.0 liter V8 with four, yes four, turbochargers. Two will be exhaust driven while the other two will be electrically driven, it’s been rumored. This is said to make around 750 hp, which would be more than any McLaren gasoline engine to date.

The two cars should looks considerably different and the chassis is being developed with scaling in mind. The BMW version will have some unique body panels as well as a unique interior with a bespoke instrument panel as well as infotainment. BMW will likely use its own electronics as that’s something it’s a bit better than McLaren at, which is just a benefit of being the larger company.


McLaren F1

This is some of the best news BMW fans have heard in a long time. We’re all hoping, with every finger and toe crossed, that this is true and not another wonderful supercar that BMW squashes, like it has so many times. The pairing of BMW and McLaren is absolutely perfect. It’s something that’s been done before and the last time it happened the two companies created what is considered by many to be the greatest road-going car ever made, the McLaren F1. Here’s to hoping that our dreams come true and the two companies can pull off magic yet again.

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19 responses to “A BMW Supercar might finally be coming…with McLaren’s help.”

  1. Michael Christopher Frazier IV says:

    Perhaps stop wasting money on “supercars” and use the technology that Tesla has proven to work and implement it instead of making weak ass vehicles like the 3 series e drive. Porsche Mission e, if ever built, will prove that you can implement the tech into a production vehicle with 600 horsepower and make it look as sexy as the supercars mclaren farts around beverly hills… but make it for a greater crowd as to kill competition.

  2. Doberman says:

    Dumb. The previous BMW bosses were right to squash it. BMW has a supercar, the i8. And it’s one that’s different and more advanced than everyone else’s. It’s one of the rare things in the automotive industry… it’s uniquely desirable. Why muddy the brand’s image with an old style, huge engine, lightweight internal combustion thing that four people will buy?

  3. Bmw Fan Club'S. says:

    The best with 750-800 hp

  4. Chris Llana says:

    Just what does one do with a supercar, especially if you’re sitting at a red light behind a Chrysler min-van? Just bling? I vote for the i8, exotic but practical.

  5. Mathole Freddy says:

    Yeah yeah ..! This’s the best thing we fans of this cool brand has been bugging for for so long – this gap has been wide opened for so long nd is wonderful to hear that it’s gonna be filled ,, the way to go guys i fully supported the idea big time – go for it..!! The Lambor’s nd Ferrari’s watch out …

  6. Icebreakerr says:

    i hope its V10

  7. jason bourne says:

    It’ll take a lot to top the McLaren F1, the last McLaren-BMW effort.

  8. Senne says:

    It’s great news; BMW is finally going to make a supercar again. But why not make it a hybrid, like the i8, with 800 hp or so?? They could do this, and it wouldn’t ruin their image. I, too, think the previous bosses had a point. It’s ridiculous to make a 750 hp beast without using modern technology! Porsche Mission e, indeed, proves it’s possible even all electric. Please BMW, re-consider. Why not something like the i8s or so? With the in-line-6 S55 engine from the M3 and M4? Make it 700 hp or so, and you have the Ultimate BMW. I think it’s not smart. After all it’s probably just a rumor.

  9. Sam Chisholm says:

    Maxed out Water injected inline 6 M4 motor with some battery power and McLaren chassis help. 918 killer for 20% of the price. That would sell

  10. dc says:

    Can’t afford either brand. If they crossbreed, will that exponentially reduce the price? Then I’m in!

  11. Doberman says:

    The head of BMW M Cars today: “The halo car of the entire BMW brand is the i8 and a lot of money and engineering has been invested in it. It will remain the only halo for its lifecycle.
    “It would make no sense for us to put a car above the i8, or even priced near it, that would have the same sort of layout but more power.”

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