1992 E34 BMW M5 For Sale At A Good Price

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The BMW M5 has always been the reigning king of the super sedan segment. The original E28 iteration was the car that started it all …

The BMW M5 has always been the reigning king of the super sedan segment. The original E28 iteration was the car that started it all and each generation since has been the benchmark of the segment. The car that succeeded the E28, the E34 M5, was a great car in its own right, but is often overlooked in the discussion of great M5s. That’s more of a testament to the caliber of the other M5s in the lineage than an indictment towards the E34. But the E34 M5 is still on of the better sports sedans to drive and can be had for considerably less money than the original E28 or the fan favorite E39.

1992 bmw m5 for sale 750x500

This particular 1992 example of the E34 M5 is a good example of the kind of car you can get for relatively little money. At $19,995, this M5 isn’t cheap but, when compared to both of its very expensive predecessor and successor, it’s actually not a bad deal. Especially considering the condition that it’s in.

Being a 1992 model, this BMW M5 comes with a 3.6 liter inline six, with post-refresh models getting a more powerful 3.8 liter version. The 3.6 liter I6 packs 310 horsepower, a healthy amount considering the weight of the car and the year. While 310 horses is quite low by today’s standards, considering a BMW 340i makes more, but it’s not something to sniff at. It also comes with a five-speed manual, a wonderfully engaging thing compared to the hyperfast, but somewhat numb, DCTs of modern M5s. The I6 in this M5 also only has 91,000 miles on it, which is great considering its 23 years of age.

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This model comes with a slightly unusual silver on gray color scheme, but it seems to work well enough. It’s also the cleanest E34 M5 I think I’ve ever seen, giving its odd color scheme a bit more luster. The interior has minor spots of wear, but nothing to show 23 years of wear. The exterior is the same, not being perfect but damn good for its age.

Overall, this is a very clean and very desirable car for BMW collectors. While 20 grand isn’t cheap, it’s not bad for a BMW M5 with 310 hp and a five-speed in this good of condition. For someone who’s into collecting BMWs, this car is a great buy.

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  1. Dmarque says:

    I have an E 39 M-Sport which is a rarer car, a better car and at a better price. $10M brings this incredibly well, maintained car to your garage. Total new brake system installed this year 2 full sets of wheels.

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