Rumor: Alfa Giulia QV Faster Than BMW M4 at Nurburgring, but has 530 hp

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2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde 03 750x500

If you’re a fan of BMW, it’s likely that you’re also quite fond of the brand from Milan, Italy, Alfa Romeo. Aflas have long held …

If you’re a fan of BMW, it’s likely that you’re also quite fond of the brand from Milan, Italy, Alfa Romeo. Aflas have long held the same lovable characteristics as BMW, except with a bit more Italian flair in place of some German precision. Where BMWs are precise, dynamic and exciting machines, Alfas are beautiful, dynamic and exciting machines. This flair, beauty and extravagance are exactly the qualities that Alfa Romeo wants to fight the BMW M3 with, in the upcoming Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde. But apparently, speed is another.

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde 01 750x500

The M3 fighter in question just might do exactly that. An Italian Alfa Romeo blog, di Motori, has recently reported a couple of new nuggets of information on the Giulia QV. According to the Italian blog, the QV will have a reported 530 horsepower, instead of the previously reported 503. This will make the Alfa 105 hp more powerful than the BMW M3. The BMW M3 might be lighter, but it will need to be significantly light to erase a 105 hp advantage.

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde 05 750x501

The second piece of new information is that Alfa Romeo claims its Giulia QV lapped the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife in 7:43, which is a full nine seconds faster than the BMW M3’s 7:52 time. While this info hasn’t been officially confirmed, and is only a rumor, it should be quite unnerving to BMW. BMW’s other M3 competitors have all been claimed to be missing the secret sauce that the M3 has. But The Alfa Romeo Giulia QV should have the excitement and flair to make it the more desirable car than the M3. So if it can combine more desirable looks and feel along with better speed and performance, the BMW M3 might just lose this battle.

Alfa Romeo very much wants to be taken more seriously in the performance car world, as it once was. This QV might just be the car to do so, especially if it can go faster around the Nurburgring, BMW’s own backyard. We’ll see just how fast the clover-badged Alfa is soon, but until then, we can assume that it’s quite a bit faster than the M3.

14 responses to “Rumor: Alfa Giulia QV Faster Than BMW M4 at Nurburgring, but has 530 hp”

  1. manuelf says:

    What strange comparison? 7:43 done by a factory testdriver vs 7:52 done by a motor journalist?

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Agreed. There are so many variables when they do testing there.

    • Kevin Levrone says:

      Did you hear about Horst von Saurma from the German Sport Auto magazine ? He holds about half of the Nurburgring lap records.

      • manuelf says:

        :) I am a subscriber of german Sport Auto. And yes, I know HvS ;) But do you honestly think, that Horst is able to pull out a better laptime than the drivers of the manufacturer, which have thousands of laps with a certain model under their belt, while HvS is just able to do a couple of laps? NOT really…

        • Kevin Levrone says:

          Well…what part of the word “record” seems confusing to you ?

          • manuelf says:

            Sorry for the late answer, but I had to finish breakfast first, because the answer will get lengthy ;)
            1st) What records are you talking about? There is no such thing as an official Nürburgring record as there is no official organization (like FIA, WTCC, ALMS, …) which does monitor Nürburgring Nordschleife laptimes! What you find in the Internet are most of the time collections of laptimes of car magazines. The most prominent one is of course Sport Auto as they invented the famous Supertest with laptimes of Nürburgring Nordschleife and Hockenheimring. The Sport Auto managed to get the Ring exclusively for a short timeframe to do a couple of runs for their Supertest. Having the Ring almost exclusively is certainly an important precondition to be able to pull out a good laptime. Then some of the other laptimes you typically find in those lists are either deduced from video footage (youtube) or official manufacturer statements. The latter one are increasing the last couple of years since nowadays Ring-Times are an accepted benchmark for the average John Doe and the manufacturers know this.
            2nd) How good is HvS as a driver? The answer is simple as he gave it himself: A very talented Amateur Driver. And if you read his articles about the idea/concept behind the Supertest he clearly makes sure, that he wanted to show what a good amateur level driver is capable of getting out of those cars. At many places he emphasizes, that of course Pro-Level drivers with more experience on a certain car/model can do much better! For instance compare the test of the Porsche 918, where Sport Auto is quite happy, if they are in the range of 15-20 seconds to the time the Porsche testdriver is able to accomplish!
            And what HvS also repeats again and again: The concept of the Supertest only works out, when you compare results of the same driver at the same time (or at least with almost identical environment conditions)
            Bottom line: Laptimes of a professional driver of the manufacturer of a car ARE NOT comparable to a one off time in the Supertest – and this is the clear statement/opinion of the inventor of the Supertest!
            If you don’t trust me, you are free to ask HvS yourself:
            He will assure you that test drivers of the M-GmbH are able to pull out faster laptimes, than he is ;)

  2. Michael Christopher Frazier IV says:

    that front plastic grill shit really looks bad … i liked how mercedes used to use black wire to make a mesh in those areas, it just felt more expensive. i can see why someone would like the 530 horsepower … but BMW drivers are pretty much always going to be BMW fans … i could see myself going into one of my dads 911’s one day though … but not into this.

    • José Oliveira says:

      LOL…yep…that must be true LOL…hate them or love them…but if you like BMW or German cars, then you will never like (or understand) Alfa Romeo…its just like Harley Davidson….there are better motorcycles…but then you have HD….there are better cars…and then you have Alfa Romeo…

  3. IN77 says:

    The front of this car is very ugly… where’s the beauty? M3, C63 and the old RS are better than this 159upgrade…look very ’90 with a Ferrari engine…

    • José Oliveira says:

      “look very ’90 with a Ferrari engine”…just how stupid his this statment????…It must come out from a mouth of a BMW fan…Ferrari used to be Alfa Romeo engineer…now Ferrari belongs to the same company as Alfa Romeo…Alfa Romeo used ferrari engines with Alfa tech all the way back to the 30’s…so…who learned with who???…BMW should keep doing boat engines and not boat cars…and leave cars to people who know how to build them…super cars or super sport cars in Germany i only recognize one maker and that is…Porsche…

  4. CDspeed says:

    So it had a 105 hp advantage, and a factory driver, and it looks like a Chrysler with some cheap performance parts. Sorry FCA, I’m not convinced it’s really an M3 competitor.

  5. Mikoyan Gurevic says:

    BMW crap lovers… Giulia is your nightmare…

  6. Nicholas Snyder says:

    if anything the m4 manual would be the best choice around the track. And if you think the m4 will win reply.

  7. Mikoyan Gurevic says:

    Giulia’s 7:40 is confirmed from Alfa Romeo but it will be improved.
    The fastest is about to be from 7:32 to 7:36.
    Stay tuned.

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