New Jaguar XF review: Can it beat the 5 Series?

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We’ve heard quite a bit of grumbling over the past couple of weeks about how the new Jaguar XE S could possibly be better than …

We’ve heard quite a bit of grumbling over the past couple of weeks about how the new Jaguar XE S could possibly be better than the BMW 3 Series. Whether or not this actually is true isn’t as relevant as the fact that Jaguar is striking very close to BMW, in terms of performance and comfort. The Cadillac ATS seems like an afterthought, now that the Jaguar XE is in town. But Jag isn’t stopping there, as it’s come out with the new Jaguar XF, and Auto Express has a video of it to show us.

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This new 2016 Jaguar XF isn’t an entirely new car, but more of a strong update. The previous XF was due for a much needed update and now it’s gotten just that. Not that the XF was bad, in fact it was very good, but just starting to show its age. The new Jaguar XF shares the same familial face as the XE and, while handsome, isn’t much different from before. But the latter isn’t really relevant as the XF is a fantastic look machine, as is the rest of the Jaguar lineup. The rear end is slightly sleeker than the XE’s.

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In the video, the presenter shows us that the interior isn’t much different from that of the XE, however it does have some extra interior bits and a more spacious and open cabin, obviously. The motorized vents open up after ignition, as does the motorized gear selector. It’s all very nice and very premium feeling, if a little gimmicky. The new InControl touchscreen infotainment system is far improved over the previous XF’s horrid one, which is an incredibly welcome addition. Though, I have a feeling it will still pale to the slick and intuitive iDrive, MMI and COMMAND systems from its German competitors.

The engine options are a pair of 3.0 liter supercharged V6s and a pair of turbocharged diesel engines. The two engines tested in the video are the 2.0 liter turbodiesel on the road and the more powerful of the 3.0 liter supercharged engines for the track. The presenter claims the diesel as the engine to get, as it’s cheaper to run. However, buying a Jaguar XF with a diesel engine is like dating Hannah Davis and making her wear a mask all of the time, it kinda takes the fun out of it.

On the road, the XF is composed, stable, quiet and comfortable. The same Integral-Link rear suspension that helps the XE slightly edge out the 3 Series is here to help the XF as well. Its road manners are superb and in line with Jaguar’s “Grace, Space and Pace” mantra. On the track, the XF S proves that it can properly handle as well. Turn-in is sharp and precise with accurate steering and the chassis is dynamic and confident. The engine pulls strongly and the transmission shifts crisply. The one thing that stood out in the video is the subdued manner of the engine noise. It wasn’t as angry or shouty as the F-Type’s, which is actually a good thing. The F-Type sounds incredible but it can get old after awhile.

All in all, this new XF seems to be a big improvement over the previous model. No way to tell for sure how it stacks up against its BMW 5 Series an Audi A6 rivals, but it’s definitely a serious contender.

7 responses to “New Jaguar XF review: Can it beat the 5 Series?”

  1. Magnus says:

    The jag is on a new platform compared to the “old” xf.
    Of course it builds on the experinces from the old xf just as bmw develops the G platform with experiences from F and older E cars.
    I would still have the 5er.

  2. James Freedman says:

    Great job Jaguar, keep them coming and improving these feline…kudos to the JLR team!!

  3. Icebreakerr says:


  4. seancorr says:

    I’ve driven the previous XF for quite a bit and found it to be a comforting drive but push it hard and that’s when you prefer the 5er. What was missing in the old XF was the drive modes and I was using the 2.0l turbo version which was just sufficient to push the Jag to decent speeds but I could not control how ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ I wanted to the engine to be n its the same for the suspension.

  5. WOP333 says:

    BMW must love this type of article. Everyone wants to be better than the 3 series or 5 series and compares their vehicles to them. No one has managed to do it yet.

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