1988 BMW M6 For Sale

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1988 bmw m6 coupe

There’s not much else like driving a classic car on a beautiful Sunday in the middle of Summer. It’s easily one of the greatest experiences …

There’s not much else like driving a classic car on a beautiful Sunday in the middle of Summer. It’s easily one of the greatest experiences a gearhead can have. The sound of an old-school engine, the feel of a manual gearbox and the smell of summer air combine to make gearheads happier than they could ever be otherwise. It’s one of the great joys of being a car enthusiast.

Of course, much of this joy stems from the car. The right classic car can make even a boring day better. BMW has many great classics, cars that tug at the heart strings of enthusiasts. Many come to mind, but one that’s always stood out to me was the original BMW M6. The original E24 sharknose M6 is one of the best looking BMWs ever made and one of the most iconic shapes in all of the automotive world.

1988 bmw m6 coupe

The original M6 used a version of the M88/3 engine, which BMW pulled from the M1 supercar. However the North American version got a S38B35 engine. The North American car made 256 hp and 243 lb-ft of torque. It was a wonderful engine with a sonorous exhaust note. Mated to a five-speed manual and driving the rear wheels, it’s one of the best classic Bavarians you can buy. Which is why this one looks so enticing.

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This 1988 BMW M6 104,650 miles on it and is in superb condition. I like the fact that it has some milage on it and isn’t absolutely perfect, this way you can actually drive it and have fun with it, without worrying about every little rock and pebble on the road. It makes the car usable and that’s what you want out of a classic M6, these shouldn’t be sitting their whole lives in a garage, they deserve to be revving free out on the road.

The Black exterior with the black BBS wheels give it a menacing look. While the grey leather interior brightens things up a bit and gives a more luxurious feel. Though it has a decent amount of miles on it, everything looks superbly maintained. The owner of this car cared about it. And you can see that in the condition of the interior as well as under the hood. Even many of the original tools are still in the little case in the trunk.


The only little issue with this M6 is the price. At $32,500, it isn’t cheap, especially for a weekend toy. But it is a superbly maintained classic that you can actually drive everyday, and just that fact alone is worth a lot of money. Throw in that this is the original sharknose M6, with black BBS wheels and a five-speed, and that $32,500 is starting to look a whole lot smaller. Whoever can afford to buy this car better appreciate it on days like these summer days.

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  1. joseph_rma says:

    An outstanding, legendary Coupe. Even today 6 series shark is spectacle on the road. American models have these rubberized (I think), elongated front bumpers for security standards or whatever which is harm, but even this modification doesn’t affect the appearance much.

  2. Kaisuke971 says:

    Why is there a Cadillac engine bay though ?

  3. Sambasiva Rao Vanimireddy says:

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    Definitely it benefits you instead of old car

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