First BMW X7 test mule spotted?

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bmw x7 test mule 750x500

According to Motoring magazine, this is the first spotted BMW X7 test mule. The prototype was spotted in Garching, near Munich, and judging by the …

According to Motoring magazine, this is the first spotted BMW X7 test mule. The prototype was spotted in Garching, near Munich, and judging by the photos, BMW is testing the X7 powertrain and suspension with a longer X5 model.

BMW’s first true seven seater SUV will arrive in 2018 and is built on an all-new large car architecture, which BMW just unveiled beneath its new 7-Series, making the five meter-plus SUV lighter than the current F15 X5. The same architecture will also find its way into Rolls-Royce’s production version of the Cullinan concept SUV.

bmw x7 test mule 750x500

Codenamed G07, the X7 will focus on enhanced luxury, on the same level with the new 7 Series. The X7 is rumored to be more than half a meter longer and a bit wider than the X5.

By using a combination of hot-formed steels, aluminum and structural carbon-fiber pieces, the X7 is to have a weight below 1900kg. Under the hood, it will use 3.0-liter, six-cylinder petrol and diesel engine variants, plus a next-generation V8 engine. There will also be a plug-in hybrid variant with, finally, more than 50km of electric range.

A high-end V12 X7 will be offered as well to compete with the Range Rover flagship. All of its powerplants will mate up with eight-speed automatic transmissions.

The air suspension fitted in the X7 will give the high-end SUV impressive handling off-road.

BMW expects volumes of around 50,000 X7s a year and will be built in Spartanburg, South Carolina, alongside the X5 and X6, and BMW is expected to focus on selling the X7 in the United States, China, Russia and the Middle East.

10 responses to “First BMW X7 test mule spotted?”

  1. CDspeed says:

    An X6 is just an X5 with a sloped leaner body, I hope the X7 isn’t simply a long wheelbase X5.

    • Icebreakerr says:

      i think it will have the interior of a 7 series and will be a long X5.. probably even bigger. it will sell well. most rich folk will buy it as thats who its aimed at.

  2. bh1 says:

    the “greenhouse” of the side front/rear windows looks very promising.

  3. T says:

    Its a mule using the chassis of the X7 but with an extended F15 X5 body, there is nothing to report on the appearance of the X7 as the engineering is being developed first, same goes for the Rolls-Royce.
    They will gather headlines because of the unusual appearance of the prototypes. But there is nothing that suggests the final appearance…yet.

    • bh1 says:

      don’t you think that window line looks a little lower than an extended f15 would? to me, those windows look expansive in a way i think a range rover competitor might.

  4. Griffin says:

    THE X7 IS HUGE!!!!!!!! It’s at the Spartanburg Factory under a cover, but it’s probably just the chassis…

  5. ARDIT ALEMDAR says:

    “BMW X7 should be 1 meter or 1 meter and a half bigger than the X5 F85 and be with V12 engine and 6.6 liters and 650 horsepower or 685 horsepower. To is larger than the Mercedes GL half a meter.”

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