BMW i3 starts as a second car in many families

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Since it went on sale last year, the new BMW i3 and i8 hybrid sportscar sold to nearly 27,000 customers worldwide. By any standards, the …

Since it went on sale last year, the new BMW i3 and i8 hybrid sportscar sold to nearly 27,000 customers worldwide. By any standards, the i3 is already shaping up to be a successful story for BMW and as mainstream adoption progresses, the i3 is likely to become a mass-seller for the Bavarians.

In an recent conversation with BMW, we have learned that most of the i3 electric cars start as a second car within a family, yet after a few months of use, and after overcoming the range anxiety of its owners, it quickly rises up to be the main choice of transportation. Its size, fun factor, quirky looks and emission-free platform are some of the traits that have enchanted customers from around the world.

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Unofficial reports confirm that in many cases the range extender functionality is rarely used and it has become exactly what BMW has predicted: a nice feature to have,  just in case. And we can certainly attest to that. In our five months of i3 REx ownership, the range extender functionality has kicked in twice; once during a longer, unplanned trip and second time during a run around the town when we omitted to charge our car for three days.

Even though our daily driving pattern is different from many other customers — 10-20 miles daily driving, recharging twice a week — we are convinced that in lots of cases the REx is a commodity versus a necessity, and with attractive lease deals across the States, it is hard to pass on the peace of mind offered by the range extender.

Ever since we’ve owned the i3, the 1M has stayed in the garage more than it should have, but in a traffic-intensive city like Chicago, equally famous for its potholes, the i3 is the better choice of transport. At least for us. And for now, it is our main car.

5 responses to “BMW i3 starts as a second car in many families”

  1. CDspeed says:

    I’m approaching 6,000 miles in my i3, I knew I wanted my electric car to be my primary car, and wondered how long it would be before it took over. Being that I knew my daily average driving range before I bought it I was able to drive without range anxiety, and my i3 became my primary car immediately. And since I bought it CCS rapid chargers have started popping up along the highway, thanks to CCS I was able to have a 200 mile round trip day (in my i3 BEV).

  2. Greg says:

    Great article, we’ve had our i3 BEV since September 2014 and have put 11,086 miles on it to date and couldn’t be happier. Our overall average consumption during our ownership has been 4.8 mi/kWh and the longest trip on a single charge has been 71 miles, it really is the perfect daily driver here in the Denver metro area. My only complaint is the lack of DC fast charging infrastructure so that we could drive it more!

  3. Alfred Balitzer says:

    I am approaching the first anniversary of being an i3 owner. Bought the i3 as my primary vehicle, getting rid of two other cars, the largest sedan Lexus makes and a Lexus sports car. No regrets and haven’t looked back. I use the REx frequently–at least twice a week–and it works like a charm, allowing me to make trips of approximately 120 miles round trip without a concern. The i3 has put the fun back into driving and is precisely what I need for suburban trips and the twice-a-week trips across Orange and Los Angeles Counties. I’ve stopped using the ChargeNow DC fast charger as the hassle involved in getting it to work when it is functioning and contacting the company to iron out the kinks is not worth my time and effort even if it is free to those of us in California. The Clipper Creek charging unit in my garage plus the REx addresses my driving needs in a smooth, trouble-free manner.

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