More speculations on the BMW i5

Rumors | June 24th, 2015 by 8
bmw i5 rendering 750x500

Automobile Magazine wrote a piece today on the rumored BMW i5. Without citing any sources, the U.S. outlet reports that the upcoming i5 will be …

Automobile Magazine wrote a piece today on the rumored BMW i5. Without citing any sources, the U.S. outlet reports that the upcoming i5 will be a Tesla Model S fighter and will come in two forms: electric-only and plug-in hybrid. The i5 is said to have a 225-hp rear motor working in tandem with a 135-hp motor up front. A more potent rear motor will be offered with 275 hp along with a three- or four-cylinder engine driving the front wheels. Torque-vectoring all-wheel drive will be standard.

Furthermore, the outlet says that thanks to the i5’s extensive use of carbon fiber, the curb weight target is below 3,450 pounds. The i5 would use bits of the i3 and i8 with a more basic vehicle architecture in order to create a profitable electric vehicle.

bmw i5 rendering 750x500

Production of the i5 will likely be assigned to BMW’s Leipzig plant, where production of the 1 Series and 3 Series would be phased out. Production is expected to start in 2019. BMW wants the i5 especially for the customers in China and North America and 30,000 vehicles are planned per year.

8 responses to “More speculations on the BMW i5”

  1. mckillio says:

    Though Tesla will probably have the next gen Model S out by then (though with their history of delays, who knows) this would be 1500lbs lighter than the P85D which may very well makeup for the difference in power. Very impressive. I also like that they plan offering a plugin hybrid option as well, very necessary for those that aren’t/won’t be comfortable with electric only.

  2. Chris Llana says:

    Reportedly BMW intends to produce plug-in hybrid variants across its whole line for people who aren’t comfortable with a pure electric car. Hopefully BMW i will produce a new pure electric car for people who want to rid themselves of gasoline engines, and who don’t want an EV design compromised to accommodate an ICE and all its peripherals.

    The i3 BEV, for example, suffers a higher-than-needed rear deck and a useless empty space next to the motor and electronics in order to accommodate the REx version. That was probably a good business decision, but going into the future the same practice will prevent BMW’s EV designs from being great.

  3. Chris Llana says:

    But it’s nevertheless nice if they do indeed build an electric-only version of the i5. :-)

  4. Max says:

    3450lb, bye bye Tesla and your boats ;)

    • Chris Llana says:

      Hmm. At this point the i5 and its specs are just rumor, and in five years the Model S will have evolved into something perhaps very different (and lighter). Maybe better to just wait and see how they compare.

  5. CDspeed says:

    There are a lot of rumors surrounding BMW, and the direction they may be going with electrics. I’d like to see at least a concept car before I’ll believe any of them.

  6. iDriver says:

    IF this rumor turns out be true, it would be really great news from the i front!
    I personally think BMW should try Tesla’s marketing tactic to open reservations for a down payment (once a concept has been shown). That would on the one hand make it clear to interested folks that this is not just another rumor and at the same time would allow BMW to assess the market interest in a very direct way (by demographic and country), allowing also to better assess what options (eg battery size, body variations, any range extender option or plug-in hybrid option next to all electric) they should go for.
    They can put me on the list for the BEV version!

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