Might The Jaguar XE S Have Beaten The 3 Series?

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The BMW 3 Series created a segment and has been dominant in that segment ever since. It always seemed as if it would never lose. …

The BMW 3 Series created a segment and has been dominant in that segment ever since. It always seemed as if it would never lose. Car makers around the world were taking shots at it, most notably being Mercedes-Benz and Audi. With the 3 Series continued beating of Benz and Audi, other companies decided to start taking shots. Infiniti, Lexus, Cadillac and Jaguar have all taken their shot at dethroning the king with mostly little success. You can argue that the Cadillac ATS is the better car, and it might be a tad sharper, but as an all-rounder, the ATS simply can’t match the breadth of the 3 Series’ ability. However, it seems as if Jaguar, the angry British cat, might have been able to beat BMW at its own game.

Motor Trend posted a video to their regular Head2Head Series, in which they pit two similar cars against each other, of the BMW 335i M Sport taking on the all-new Jaguar XE S. Spoiler Alert: They liked the Jag better. I’m getting this out of the way now because I’m not here to argue their conclusion. In fact, I’m here to beg the question, might BMW actually be beat?

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For 2016, Jaguar has developed an entirely new vehicle, based on an all-new aluminum extensive chassis that shares no other nameplates, called the XE. We’ve discussed the XE at length before, and we even saw it at the NYIAS, where it proved to be a better looker than the 3 Series. The Jag XE has a distinct advantage over the 3 Series, in that it’s quite a bit newer. The current F30 3 Series was first launched in 2012, Jaguar has had 3 years to benchmark the F30 when making the XE. Now, I’m not making excuses for BMW, as the 3 Series should last more than 3 years at the top if it wants to sit in the good company of its predecessors. However, the XE shows that Jaguar truly used those 3 years wisely when developing it.

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From the spec sheet, the XE looks like a pretty standard Jaguar affair. It’s got the typical Jaguar looks, both inside and out (which is a very good thing), has a typical Jaguar 3.0 Supercharged V6 engine, a typical Jaguar eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox and is rear-wheel drive. But it’s specs are only half of the story. See, Jaguar has used extensive amounts of aluminum, magnesium and other lightweight and exotic materials when developing the chassis. While the XE will probably still be heavier than the 3 Series by a bit, because it seems that Jags just weight more than German cars, it’s lightweight where it counts, like in the front and rear ends, keeping all the weight between the axles and low down. And it’s also heavy where it counts, and that might just be the dagger used to kill the 3 Series.


Allow me to explain. The BMW 3 Series uses a, typical for the segment, McPherson front strut setup and a 5-Link Independent rear suspension setup. This type of setup works very well, is inexpensive, easy to package and lightweight. It’s also essentially the same setup as every other 3 Series competitor. Jaguar, on the other hand, decided to go a completely different route and give the XE Double Front-Wishbone and an Integral Link rear suspension. This is quite a bit heavier than the McPherson/5-Link setup, is more expensive and takes up more space. However, it allows the XE to have superior body control, traction and agility. It mitigates vertical motion in the suspension, creates better grip on corner exit and even creates a more compliant ride. This allows the XE S to actually feel like a superior driver’s car to the already fantastic 335i M Sport. It’s very impressive stuff, actually.

Combine this new-fangled suspension setup with superior looks (sorry, BMW, but the XE has best-in-class looks), more powerful engine and a killer soundtrack and the XE S very well could be the new segment leader. Despite what people may say, I never really felt that the ATS was a better car than the 3 Series and that the 3er’s crown was never really in any danger. However, this new XE has me thinking that it might just have what it takes to crown itself king. I’m crazy anxious to drive it and find out.

12 responses to “Might The Jaguar XE S Have Beaten The 3 Series?”

  1. Mike Vella says:

    Watched that video this morning at my desk while having breakfast.
    I gotta say, this is a good thing no matter how you slice it – choices and a poke to all the Germans will make all the cars better in the long run.
    The fact of the matter is they all make great cars, of course.

  2. Michael Loh says:

    Jaguar and Mercedes are smart not to release their new models at the same time as Bmw. They can have the advantage of the latest technology and benchmarking against Bmw. Till Bmw releases the latest model and shows them again how it’s done.

  3. whateverdude says:

    I’m pretty sure the Lexus IS350 has dethroned the 3 series the past couple of years ago according to multiple car magazines.

    Pray that BMW would fix its steering in the upcoming 330/340i.

    • Brad X says:

      Lol don’t think IS350 is in the discussion buddy, with all due respect

      • james says:

        And the Lexus IS models are definitely a notch worse in fuel economy. Lexus refuse to use small 4cyl turbo engines…admittedly they offer very frugal hybrids. But i want both good perf and good economy and a 2.0L delivers that.

      • whateverdude says:

        Then how come it was even mentioned here? Of course, denial. Truth be told, the 3 series is not even on the podium anymore with Lexus, Cadillac and now Jaguar in the mix.

    • Andrew says:

      Seriously, have you even driven both cars? Lexus cars are nice, but they are not sporty. And they don’t even offer manual transmissions.

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  6. sambozauk says:

    Never will Jaguar beat BMW. Certainly not in my lifetime.

    First of all, Jaguar really need to get rid of that abysmal touchscreen sat nav system, it really is a danger to use when you are driving, if you have to change your route, etc, etc. BMW’s i-drive is superior in every respect. Even if the BMW i-drive is more technical to use, I still rate it higher than JLR’s attempt. It seems on all JLR brands, Landrover, Range Rover, etc, etc, they use this touchscreen system that is quite frankly, rubbish.

    If Jaguar XE has by flook beaten the BMW 3-Series, it will be short lived, like any vehicle built in the UK. It may have a year at the top spot, but those in the know, know that there is a new BMW 3-Series coming out around 2018.

    I have to say, I have seen a few bits of inside information about the new 3-Series as I am in the automotive sector, and the XE will be put in its place quite quickly if it has managed to somehow become top of the class in the mid-range exec range of vehicles.

    The Jaguar’s diesel engine range is for some reason exceedingly weak as well in comparison the the BMW 3-Series. I mean only a 2.0D engine?, really. Are you seriously trying to get BMW drivers like me who love our 335d’s and 330d’s with the brilliance of that straight six engine to buy a lack luster and loud XE 2.0D?. I mean why only a 2.0D?. You really need a 3.0D engine that is equally as good as the BMW 330/335d engine in order to sway BMW 3-Series drivers to buy the XE. Thus far, the XE is simply of no competition engine wise to the BMW 3-Series. Maybe the XE’s petrol version 3.0V6 may be agreeable, but in diesel guise of no match to BMW and BMW should not be worried about losing its loyal customers like me.

    People will obviously buy this XE. I drove one from Newport, Wales to Gatwick Airport as I had a really early morning flight to catch. I hired it, dropped it at Gatiwick. Was not impressed with it. It was really comfortable and all, but if you wanted to put your arm up on the window as one of numerous flaws in this vehicle, you are having to be at a really odd angle to do so. Not only this, but the buttons and layout are all hicklety, picklety and the view out the back window is not great, if I am honest with you, meaning its odd angles means you do not see everything behind you, unlike a BMW 3-Series. Boot space is better than the BMW 3-Series saloon though and it lights up equally as well as a BMW 3-Series when you unlock it. But it is trying hard to beat the 3-Series, and unfortunately it has not in my eyes. The engine range is the ultimate killer. It just lacks in that department.

    But it really does look handsome though, although slightly odd and high backside to it is somewhat strange for my liking, a bit drag racer if that makes sense. But ultimately the 2.0D engine in the vehicle I had for that 200 odd mile journey was loud, gutless if I am honest, it just did not inspire me in the slightest to consider buying one over my BMW 335d which would eat even the XE 3.0V6 Petrol for breakfast, yet alone the lack luster 2.0D engine that seems to be the only diesel engine available in the XE.

    Jaguar’s equivalent to the M-Sport Adaptive Suspension is how can I put it, a bit of a joke, sorry. Not even going their with it, but again, you need to work harder to match the BMW 3-Series, Jaguar. Close but no cigar again are the words I am looking for.

    An insult putting such a lame gutless engine in such a handsome brute, aka the XE. Should be ashamed of yourselves and missed opportunity to get those BMW 3.0D drivers to buy your XE. Shame.

    4/10 for the Jaguar XE 2.0D S or R with the 18 inch alloys and that gorgeous maroon red colour Jaguar have, can not remember which one it exactly was, but it was the top of the range diesel version. Nice to drive, handsome, comfortable but it has flaws.

    9/10 for the BMW 335d M-Sport, which is what I own. Only downside with the M-Sport in my eyes is it can be somewhat uncomfortable on a long drive due to its seriously low profile tyres. That can be rectified though by putting all weather tyres on the beast. But it truly is as good as it gets still, even after all these years. The ultimate driving machine, that is very true indeed.

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