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F52 BMW 1 Series 750x500

As things stand right now, the F52 BMW 1 Series Sedan is only a Chinese affair. The new compact sedan will arrive in 2016 and …

As things stand right now, the F52 BMW 1 Series Sedan is only a Chinese affair. The new compact sedan will arrive in 2016 and the North American and European market are not in the target demographic at this point.

Rendering artist Theophilus Chin put his skills to work to render the design of the F52 1 Series Sedan. For his most recent F52 interpretation, Chin has used the front-end of the BMW 1 Series F20 LCI facelift which virtually mounted on a compact sedan with typical BMW design elements, like the Hofmeister kink and L-shaped taillights. It’s clear, of course, that BMW will separate the F52 from the F20 1 Series hatch by giving it a unique appearance that does not look so closely based on the hatchback itself.

F52 BMW 1 Series image 750x450
BMW aims to bring the 1 Series Sedan to the same proportions as the E46 3 Series, therefore filling a gap between the 1 Series Hatch and the F30 3 Series Sedan.

The new 1er Sedan model has been developed to support front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The BMW 1 Series Sedan is built internally under the name NES (New Entry-Level Sedan) and makes use of the front-wheel drive architecture which will be used in many models by BMW, including the new 2 Series Active Tourer and second generation X1.

F52 BMW 1 Series 750x450

Under the hood, the 1 Series Sedan will carry either three- and four-cylinder inline direct-injection petrol and common-rail diesel units.

The car is scheduled to arrive next year.


7 responses to “F52 BMW 1 Series Sedan – Renderings”

  1. jason bourne says:

    BMW won’t sell it in the USA because it’ll probably steal sales away from the (bloated) 3-Series.

    The sedan looks pretty good, though I don’t like those pronounced grilles in the kidneys… Makes it look like an electric razor.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      But if they do it, it’s to compete against the A3 sedan so i don’t see why they won’t sell it there x)
      It’s basically like saying they’ll not sell the 5 anymore to make room for the 7…

  2. Jean says:

    Hope it will look better than on the pics shown, I like the 1er, I liked the pre-LCI model too, but as a sedan, I dont know, looks strange to me. If they do a hatchback and then they transform it to a sedan it looks somehow out of place, like the Audi A3 sedan – just strange.

  3. Wayne Girard says:

    Most likely buying it. Late 20s, can’t afford 3 series with M package. Love the way BMWs drive, had one for many years. Get over it with all the explanations of “Why it won’t sell,” listed below. It’s gonna be great.

  4. ARDIT ALEMDAR says:

    Copy 2 series

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