2016 BMW 7 Series interior is a masterpiece

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A new set of BMW 7 Series photos surface on the interwebs. The talk of the town this month is the all-new G11/G12 7 Series, …

A new set of BMW 7 Series photos surface on the interwebs. The talk of the town this month is the all-new G11/G12 7 Series, the revamped luxury sedan which aims to take the crown away from the Mercedes’ S-Class.

BMW has given the new G11/G12 all the tools do so — from a weight loss and advanced tech features to a fresh and dynamic design.

When it comes to exterior design, the two limousines take a different approach. BMW continues to emphasize the driving dynamics through its design, while Mercedes goes for the massive and luxurious look that you often see on Bentleys and Rolls Royces.

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The interior is where the 7 Series shines, being as opulent and luxurious as possible. With a lovely array of leather, wood and aluminum, the new 7 Series’ interior has a bright, comfortable and airy feel to it. The cabin tech and premium design is now more obvious than ever and it not only fares well against the S-Class, but it seems to be years ahead of any current BMW cabins.

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The wallpapers below give us a closer look at the luxurious cabin of the new 7er.

18 responses to “2016 BMW 7 Series interior is a masterpiece”

  1. John Paul Reis says:

    Beautiful Interior, what most people do not understand is that the Mercedes Benz S Class represents classical luxury, while the BMW represents fresh, futuristic luxury, more like modern comfort. Both are amazing in their own ways, but the 7 series is just gorgeous, especially since they are using top of the line materials which some cars don’t even have.

    • Billy The Hillbilly says:

      Exactly. I was in serious doubts if the new 7 can chase the S class in the luxury department, but from what I’ve seen, it is every bit as luxurious as the S class, but there’s just different approach to is, might not seem as luxurious (but I think it is), but certainly is sportier, more dynamic. And the leg-stretch thing is just gorgeous, takes the bimmer to another level. Can’t it be done in the S class? Well, can’t speak about luxury then, can we? :)

      • John Paul Reis says:

        It’s a futuristic approach, not a classical approach. People think it looks too much like the 3 series, but honestly it is almost completely different from the 3 series, especially in build quality and types of materials that are used. While the S Class is just like a beautiful palace, this 7 series is more like a high tech modern loft. Cadillac may have tried, Audi tried, Mercedes tried, but I think in terms of overall build quality and modern design, the 7 series totally wins. Of course, Car&Driver’s rank in full size luxury cars is: Audi A8/Mercedes Benz S Class/BMW 7 Series/Maserati Quattroporte/Jaguar XJ. But the 2016 BMW 7 Series should at least get 2nd place if not 1st.

  2. Beemerguy says:

    I absolutely disagree about the new 7 interior. While I think the exterior is a nice change, especially the front end, I think BMW has disappointingly fallen way short in the minimal change to the dashboard and front seat area compared to the S Class. BMW releasing this car two years later should have been much more bold in their changes to the dash and front seat area. The S Class exudes elegance that the BMW lacks. It’s very disappointing. In fact I’m not sure the last 7 model front seat area wasn’t more elegant. The brushed aluminum around the controls does nothing to say elegance compared to the S class dashboard design. The tablet look instead of an integrated screen looks cheap. MB by using round air vents, curves on the wood, and padded leather with stitched pattern on the dash reminds one of a Bentley. Very disappointed. I do give kudos to the back seating area and new patterns in the leather offerings. But it’s no where near enough to compete. Even more worrisome is MB took off their governors allowing the car to drive much more aggressively than ever before narrowing the driving performance differential BMW had locked up for years. BMW didn’t use the last two years to readjust after seeing the new S class interior and it shows.

    • Icebreakerr says:

      S class sucks

      • Beemerguy says:

        Have you driven this current model? The first S I’d consider in many years. Front seating area and dash much more elegant than what I’m seeing on the new 7 and performance narrowed. I’m not saying I wouldn’t get the new 7 but BMW should have gone much bolder in stepping up the elegance.

        • Kaisuke971 says:

          A BMW is a BMW and a Mercedes is a Mercedes. If you want to buy a BMW, you buy a BMW. If you want to buy a Mercedes, you buy a Mercedes.
          The S-Class is a Mercedes. The 7 Series is a BMW. No, the 7 Series will not become a Mercedes. It will stay a BMW. The G1x is the about most BMW 7 Series has ever got. And it’s very good as it is. A BMW.

          • Beemerguy says:

            You miss the point. It’s the same market and buyers who mostly will drive the best of the group. There are BMW nuts like us and Benz only buyers, but there’s a whole lot of people who will look at both before buying. BMW must be able to compete. As the performance differential is narrowing they must step it up in the interior. The 3 series for the first time ever has competition like never before. BMW needs to take more risks. I personally know people who hated the last gen of the S class and traded for the 7. They now are going back to Benz. This new 7 model is simply not as luxurious as it should be. It doesn’t have to be a Benz copy. It does not have to lose its BMW style to have been more luxurious. Again the back seat competes. But not the dash or front doors. The sales numbers in the next year will bear this out. This isn’t just a beauty contest. It’s a business. Chinese will be the real arbiters.

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            You miss the point, C63S and M3 also are in the same market. Yet they are very different cars, and it now only goes like that for Mercedes vs BMW but almost each car manufacturer. They all have different directions.

          • Beemerguy says:

            No I don’t miss the point at all. I’m NOT saying BMW copies BENZ. I’m saying it needed to do more to make it more luxurious. BMW style. The C class is now considered the most luxurious of the 3 series / c class / jag class. Just last week there was an article about 3 series having for first time ever stiff competition. Naming the new Jag a better car. And the ATS a true competitor. Calling BMW complacent. However, they felt BMW has the know how to pull ahead in the next model. Keeping the crown on the 3/4 series.

  3. Beemerguy says:

    I just want to mention I’ve had every 7 model since 1995 and a few disappointing S class cars. This is the first time I am seriously disappointed with BMW not willing to take any chances and minutely changing the dash where the Benz made a bold move. In fact the dash isn’t that different than my 2015 X5 50 dash. It’s no S class though.

  4. Icebreakerr says:


  5. Joseph says:

    On the exterior, they finally brought the side accent lines all the way to the front headlights. It was criminal when Chris Bangle removed it from all BMW models. Can’t wait until this classic line returns to the 3-Series.

  6. 10fps says:

    All I can say about the 7 Series Interior, is indeed better than the previous generation. Audi D4 A8 platform and Mercedes W222, clearly have shown how ordinary the Bimmer Flagship has become. Now, BMW has updated an interior with some thoughtful touches and materials, but even with this upgrade, Mercedes which focus on luxury and Audi which hasn’t even roll out the D5 platform yet , still in my opinion, betters the Bimmer Flagship. Its not just the leather, its the overall design, the best this G11 can do is to match Audi current A8. Thats about it, it couldn’t come close to touch the W222 S Class, not even close..

    • Beemerguy says:

      Totally agree. BMW had time AFTER the introduction of the MB W222 and completely ignored the significant upgrade Benz did. The new 7 should have stepped up in a very significant way. Instead they tweeked. In the dash not even a good tweek. In my opinion a step down in luxury. In talking to friends who only drove BMW’s are now looking at Benz in new light. Many making a switch. The new S Class drives much more like a BMW. This was no where near the case in the last gen S. BMW is relying too heavily on tech to attract buyers. I really don’t get what they are thinking.
      Now the 3/4 series is getting attacked in the press. Legitimate competition has arrived for the first time in 20 yrs. See coming Audi 4 performance, Benz C significant luxury upgrade, ATC & new Jag performance. Munich has some thinking to do. They are concentrated on E cars etc. Taking their eyes off the ball.

      • 10fps says:

        We want to see the Ultimate Driving Machine, forget the Sheer Driving Experience. BMW forgets what their badge stand for. They shouldn’t need to waste money on marketing because they don’t even know how to make their flagship looks good. The way they market their feature set is like they are shame of telling us, every feature last less than 2 seconds, why bother, may well add a slide telling the world that they are still”Work in Progress” and “Buy at your own risk”. there isn’t right or wrong in design, even 5 stars hotel room are different on each hotel, and if Mercedes can think of perfume and rear seatbelt airbags, and Audi does rice cooker in their A8 in Japan, why cant Bavarian think of something.

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