Report: BMW Z2 canceled

Rumors | June 13th, 2015 by 9
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The BMW Z2 saga continues. Over the last couple of years, the Z2 topic surfaced every few months in reports mentioning either the cancellation or …

The BMW Z2 saga continues. Over the last couple of years, the Z2 topic surfaced every few months in reports mentioning either the cancellation or rebirth of BMW’s alleged small roadster. Now according to Car Magazine, the Z2 has been once again put on ice.

The UK magazine says that the new BMW management and CEO blame the sluggish sports car sales and the rise of premium SUVs as the main reason for axing the Z2 project.

Furthermore, the reports says the BMW bosses are putting each and every future project under scrutiny.

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The Z2 was meant to be a Mazda MX-5 fighter, a small, open-top sports car with a soft top. It was a back-to-basics BMW: two seats only, a simple engine choice of three- and four-cylinder engines and a front-wheel drive.

BMW’s Z2 was to be part of the the new generation of cars using the cost-effective UKL platform.

The estimated price around for the Z2 was to be set around £20,000-£25,000.

9 responses to “Report: BMW Z2 canceled”

  1. bmw-lover says:

    Why did they do that?!?!
    It would have been a great roadster for a good price!
    And to all the other readers:
    please don`t come up with the argument, its a bad car because of fwd and downsized car (1 series)
    and it’s against the brand-“codex”….

    • Tom says:

      Check out the sales figures for the Miata. Using the Miata as an example, the sports car market has been in steady decline from 2006 (16,800+ in U.S.) to 2014 (4,700+ in U.S.).

      There just isn’t much interest in impractical cars, especially given a weak economy.

    • KJ says:

      It’s not a bad car because of fwd, but personally I would prefer rwd. I feel like this car would lose some buyers simply because an mx-5 or s2000 would give them rwd for the same price.

      • René says:

        I totally agree with your FWD vs RWD argument, but please stop bringing up the S2000. People who are in the market for a brand new car from a premium brand, are not the same people who buy a used S2000.

        I suspect they will only release the Mini Roadster, where FWD is more accepted.

  2. Riley Taskman says:

    From the horses mouth: “We canceled our new roadster model because it wasn’t a crossover.” *sigh*

    • Billy The Hillbilly says:

      Right? Whatever sounding even remotely as an additional bit of fun in the range is getting slaughered. But hey, we could have a Z2 crossover, what would you think of that??

  3. Stephen Garrett says:

    Good. We’ve got enough FWD BMW’s as it is. Nobody wants a FWD Miata competitor.

  4. Reino-five-five-oh says:

    A BMW can’t compete with a Mazda, because of price. The Miata is an inexpensive sports car. BMW doesn’t make an inexpensive anything. The Z3 and Z4 held it’s own in the class with the SLK and Boxster, but the Miata has always been in a different price range, even below the S2000 and GM’s Kappa roadsters. “The answer is always Miata” is a phrase that has withstood a long history of challengers.

    BMW: stick with the Z4. The Boxster and Cayman need the competition.

  5. L.A. sports car driver says:

    As a S2000 owner, I am disappointed in this decision to drop Z2 plans. I love my S2000, but looked forward to the Z2 as a next car that was more distinctive than the Miata MX-5.

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