Someone Should Combine Old BMWs With New Ones

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We’ve done a bit of comparing BMW to Porsche lately, which isn’t necessarily an odd thing. Both are German automakers that pride themselves on making …

We’ve done a bit of comparing BMW to Porsche lately, which isn’t necessarily an odd thing. Both are German automakers that pride themselves on making some of the best sports cars in the world, using the latest innovations and technologies and doing things their own specific ways. So in that sense both companies are quite similar.

But we’re not here to talk about the Porsche specifically, but instead a company that tunes certain Porsches. Old Porsches. That company would be Singer.

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Founded by a British man but based out of California, Singer is a company that takes old bodied Porsche 911s, often times making the body themselves out of carbon fiber, and stuffing them with modern Porsche engines, suspension and brakes. So you get the best of both worlds, the old-school style and feel of an old 911 but with the power and performance of a new one. It seems like the perfect car for any Porsche fan. Except for the fact that a Singer 911 costs about as much as the average American mansion. But why are we talking about Singer, a company that tunes 911s?

Well, I was thinking, maybe there should be a company that does the same to BMWs. BMW is very similar to Porsche in that it’s also going through a bit of a crisis with the purist fan base, who want BMW to bring back the old ways of doing things. So wouldn’t it be excellent to have an older BMW, one that’s revered and loved by many, but with a modern engine and brake with modern day performance? I couldn’t think of anything much better.

I yabber on about how new BMWs might be lacking in the “feel” of the old ones, but they are still better than most current cars to drive. And that’s true, I think the fuss about BMWs not feeling as connected as ones from years passed is highly exaggerated. However, I will admit that there is something to the wonderful feeling of an older Bimmer. It’s the nostalgia of it. You realize how much you miss it with just one turn of the wheel. But then you realize how uncomfortable it can get over a long period of time, in hot and sweaty traffic and realize how lovely modern BMWs are.

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So, wouldn’t it be fantastic to have, say, an E30 3 Series, not even necessarily an M3, with an N55 I6 engine in it? Couple that with new suspension, modern brakes and modern amenities like better air conditioning and stereo? So you’d get that connected feel of the steering and sound, but it wouldn’t be uncomfortable and daunting, it would just be smooth and relaxed and wonderful. It’d be the best of both worlds. Obviously, something like this would cost a fortune like the Singers, but to the lucky few that could afford it, it’d be worth every penny.

6 responses to “Someone Should Combine Old BMWs With New Ones”

  1. jason bourne says:

    Yup, there should be a Singer equivalent for BMW… Someone needs to step up.

  2. seow says:

    I suppose bmws’ are perhaps not special enough for such treatment?

    • Billy The Hillbilly says:

      Well I don’t think the lack of exclusivity when compared to Porsche should be a problem. There’s quite a few BMW’s you’d have to sell your house, arm and leg…. and a few kidneys to be able to get your hands on. It is just a wonderful thought and I think we will see such a company in the future.

  3. Koji says:

    Its ez… e30 M3 + S52 or S54…. I have two… :)

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