Two Car Classic BMW Garage

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1978 BMW M1  E26  001 8178 750x500

BMW has made some truly timeless classics. Cars that will be remembered and loved for as long as there are car enthusiasts. The M1, 3.0 …

BMW has made some truly timeless classics. Cars that will be remembered and loved for as long as there are car enthusiasts. The M1, 3.0 CSL, E30 M3, the list goes on and on. The reason is that BMW has been pioneering technologies and development techniques since its inception, so almost each and every decade sees BMW making something incredible. Because of this, classic BMWs are very highly sought after. They’re some of the more expensive collector’s cars on the market and many are almost impossible to obtain.

Because of the extreme difficulty in obtaining these classic Bimmers, due to cost and rarity, owning them is usually just a fantasy for most enthusiasts. But that’s exactly what being a car enthusiast is about, daydreaming about what it would be like to take your significant other on a date in a 1971 BMW 3.0CS. And what better place to do it then here at BMWBLOG. So let’s have some fun, let’s come up with our classic BMW two-car garage.

bmw 3 0 csi e9 1971 75 r4 750x562

The rules are simple, pick two BMWs, which must have been made before the year 2000. There are no limits on cost or availability. Just pick the two classic Bimmers you’d most like to have in your garage. I’ll start it off.

It’s very difficult because there are so many fantastic choices. Where do I begin? Aside from the aforementioned classics, there’s the E36 M3 Lightweight, E28 M5, 2002tii, E39 M5, E24 M635i.

bmw 5 series e28 m535i 1 750x425

The list seems to never end. However, if I had to just pick two, I think the first would have to be the E28 M5. There’s something about it that’s always endeared me to it. I think it’s the groundbreaking duality of its time. In the mid ‘80s, no other sedan in history had ever been so fast or capable. It could take on the Porsche 911 at the time and even had a higher top speed. Plus it looks great, is supremely comfortable, has the 3.5 liter I6 engine from the M1 and can seat five. It just doesn’t get better.


For my seconds, I’d take the M1. It may be a typical choice but I can’t help it. At the time, the M1 was the pinnacle of what BMW was capable of. It was also the first mid-engined supercar you could drive every day. It was styled by Giugiaro, had a glorious race-bred 3.5 liter I6 engine mounted in the middle, a five-speed manual and rear-wheel drive. Could a gearhead ask for anything more? The M1 just does it for me. In my eyes it’s one of the all time greats and is something I covet greatly. So it would have to be my second classic Bimmer.

So my garage consists of a mid-eighties super sedan and a late-seventies mid-engined supercar. Not too shabby. Which two classic Bimmers would you choose?