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BMW X1M 750x500

The F48 BMW X1 M would take on the likes of Audi RS Q3 and Mercedes GLA45 AMG which seem to be doing well in this segment.

The new 2016 BMW X1 has just made its web debut and received positive reviews from customers and journalists from around the world. So a natural question arises: will BMW build an M version of the X1 M? Rumors around an X1 M and/or an X1 M40i have been circulating for a while now, but BMW has yet to commit to any of these speculations. The F48 X1 M would take on the likes of Audi RS Q3 and Mercedes GLA45 AMG which seem to be doing well in this segment.

An X1 M would feature the usual M design; large air intakes at the front and redesigned bumper, flared fenders and a sportier rear end with the typical double twin-exhaust pipes. Under the hood, BMW would would only be able to fit a four-cylinder 2.0 liter engine which with the right tuning and parts could deliver past the 300 horsepower mark. An automatic gearbox or a six-speed manual would nicely complement the engine.

BMW X1M 750x422

Couple that with BMW’s torque vectoring xDrive all-wheel drive system, M tuned suspension, bigger brakes and a cool looking body kit, and BMW has the perfect recipe for a hot-crossover.

The first generation X1 was already a fun SUV to drive and has been often praised for its handling and dynamics. The second-generation is expected to be just as fun to drive and faster as well, so the foundation for an X1 M has already being laid out. The X5 M and X6 M are seeing huge success in some markets, but the X1 M could be more than just a niche model and reach the mainstream consumer easier.

The folks over at Xtomi Design give us their own interpretation of the X1 M.

3 responses to “F48 BMW X1 M – Rendering”

  1. SF Dede says:

    Wow, that just might satisfy my need for the 1er hatch, given it’s not being imported to the US. Lowered, high performance, big enough for a small family… I’d prefer the 1er hatch, but in this form the X1 might be an acceptable substitute.

  2. SF Dede says:

    I’d still prefer the hatch but if this would be my only BMW option, it would certainly be worth considering. And people could stop hearing me whine about the lack of the 1er hatch (or at least whine less).

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