Calvin Luk, the designer of the new BMW X1

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Calvin Luk is on a roll. The new 2016 BMW X1 is visual hit that comes on the heels of his LCI design of the …

Calvin Luk is on a roll. The new 2016 BMW X1 is visual hit that comes on the heels of his LCI design of the 1 Series – which was more than welcome. Calvin has done a masterful job with the new X1 and that comes from years and years of designing.

His path to BMW started when, as a child, he sent a series of drawings to BMW’s then Chief of Design, Chris Bangle. The response he received from BMW was a roadmap on how to become an automotive designer. He followed it to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. That led to internships with some gig name auto makers and eventually to a job with BMW.

Calvin has managed to give a muscular, X worthy, look to the new X1 – which in reality is based on BMW’s new FWD architecture. With the additional height and a shorter grille to firewall dimension of the new X1 versus the old X1 great care had to be taken with the design to ensure that the new X1 became something more than just another ‘cute ute’.

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Calvin’s hard work and determination has paid off for BMW. If you view the new X1 against the old – in particular ¾ views – you can see that there is a more three dimensional feel to the new X1. In addition the front fascia is spot on – much better than the old, especially the lower fascia which helps ‘plant’ the car. Out back the surfaces on the rear are significantly different than the old X1. This is a winning design.

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In addition, the LED headlamps and kidney grilles are really well integrated. One of the features of the old X1 we are not sorry to see disappear is the set back hood opening – the new X1’s hood opening extends down to the upper edge of the kidneys. Perfect!

And Calvin’s design is proportionally spot on when viewed from the side. This is really good design and it’s nice to see BMW recognized this. Calvin Luk has a bright future with BMW in front of him judging by his body of his work to date. And we’ve heard he might have another homerun design in the near future. has an exclusive interview with Calvin Luk on the new X1.

10 responses to “Calvin Luk, the designer of the new BMW X1”

  1. curamrda3 says:

    the should fire all current designers…and hire those who designed new C/S classe :(

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I got a feeling the new 3 Series will be amazing. That’s what I keep hearing, so let’s be patient. Calvin is def an amazing designer so I expect more cars from him

    • Max says:

      Are you kidding? Have you ever looked at the fu.. C-Class from behind? It is more than just ugly. Looks like someone sat on the trunk, and the tail lights, OMG never seen such an ugly car from Merc. The older C Class was way better..

  2. fathornyblackandjoe says:

    I don’t get it. It’s an improvement over the old design, for sure, but there are still a lot of awkward elements. Why are the headlights not connected to the grille? And the treatment of the C-pillar looks like the last generation Honda CR-V…the Hofmeister Kink is barely recognizable.

    I’m sure this will sell, I just don’t think it’s an amazing design. And frankly, the Chris Bangle association is more of a red-flag than an endorsement.

  3. Ratman Boy says:

    i’ve seen many fans complaining about the styling package that looks so so, but it’s clear the x1’s exterior changes offering prettier face than another like crv

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