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2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia front 750x500

Next month in Milan, Italy, Alfa Romeo will be taking the wrapping off of its new Giulia Sedan. This is very exciting news, as Alfas …

Next month in Milan, Italy, Alfa Romeo will be taking the wrapping off of its new Giulia Sedan. This is very exciting news, as Alfas haven’t been sold regularly in the US since the mid ’90s. It doesn’t really matter which car company enthusiasts follow, everyone loves Alfas. They break your heart and your wallet over and over again, yet we’d all still buy one in a heartbeat because they’re just that desirable.

This new Giulia sedan should be as exciting as we’re hoping it to be. Built on FCA’s (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) E-Segment platform, which underpins the Maserati Ghibli, the Giulia will thankfully be rear-wheel drive. It could also be powered by the Ghibli’s 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine, making anywhere from 330 to 400 horsepower. That engine works very well in the Ghibli, providing ample power and a great sound.

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia rear 750x500

I’m assuming no manual option will be available, as most FCA products don’t offer one and Alfa’s only US car at the moment, the 4C doesn’t have one. The most likely gearbox will be the eight-speed ZF automatic used in Maseratis or the nine-speed ZF automatic used in some Jeeps and Chryslers. While Alfas should always have a manual option, these autos should work just fine. Much like the Maserati Ghibli and Quattroporte, the new Giulia should be rear-wheel drive as standard, but have all-wheel drive as an option.

2016 Alfa Romea Giulia side view 750x500

The styling, no one is sure about. There have been some sketches and renderings, but nothing has actually been teased by Alfa, so we really don’t know what it might look like. A recent sketch by Malandrinos Konstantinos has it looking a bit like the Chrysler 200, which might make sense given the familial company connection. I, personally, don’t see that as a problem. The current 200 doesn’t look bad at all and, after being given some Alfa treatment, might look quite good.

We’ll find out for sure next month in Milan, but for now we can just anticipate the return of an Alfa Romeo sedan. Alfas and BMWs have always been similar cars, in that they are emotional cars. So BMW fans should be very excited about the upcoming Alfa Romeo. Alfa Romeo just might be the only company that would make me think twice about buying a new BMW. So hopefully this new Giulia is good, because being spoiled for choice is never a bad thing.


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  1. 2sfhim says:

    My father bought 2 Alfasud. The first one was crap (rust, leaks, bad quality…) so he bought another one a few years later. It was the same. His next car was a 5-Series and he never regretted it. He will never buy another Alfa.

    • Alfa Romeo knows how to make a car drive as amazing as possible…briefly.

      They break your heart more than any other car, but while they run, they run like no other.

    • Box860 says:

      Granted, Alfas have a reputation for being finicky and hard to maintain But I caution against generalizing from the Alfasud to the entire Alfa mark. The Alfasud was a lower-end variant of the brand. Unlike the rest of the lineup, it was FWD. It was also produced in the south of Italy, where as the main Alfa line was manufactured in Milan. And Alfasuds had a particularly bad reputation for rust.

    • Antonio Napoli says:

      Quality has been improved enormously in Alfa Romeo. FCA has facilities that can compete with Toyota in terms of quality. I drove several BMW and I don’t find them so special. Just bulky car…If you want to buy a beautiful car, Alfa Romeo can be the one. Moreover, they will mount a Maserati engine, which is derived by a Ferrari one. Can BMW do the same? Sorry, on this field there will be a though competition for BMW and Audi from Alfa Romeo.

      • 2sfhim says:

        My father’s colleague owns a Maserati and he has to bring it to the garage every 3 months. It doesn’t seem quality is better than before. Alfa Romeos are beautiful but the quality is not very good. We’ll wait for the tests.

        • Antonio Napoli says:

          My father had so far only Fiat and Alfa Romeo. He never had a single problem? What about this? I have friends keeping buy German cars, they rarely break, but if this happens, you have to change car….

    • Antonio Napoli says:

      Alfa Sud is a car produced decades ago. If we look at the quality of German cars decades ago wasn’t that high. Even for Mercedes. So please, do not apply prejudice. I drove many German cars, they are good, but by far perfect. They claim they don’t brake, they actually break but less. But the day a German car breaks, you will cry….

  2. jason bourne says:

    Nice profile, but Alfa keeps forgetting that a license plate has to be mounted on the front… Where in the heck will it go?

    • This is just a sketch, I’m assuming the actual car will have a place.

      Unfortunately, I live in NJ and state law requires an ugly front plate. Some states don’t though, so it’ll look better there.

      • jason bourne says:

        It’s the same for California, but not that strongly enforced… Only a cop having a bad day or needing to meet a quota would stop a car for not having a front plate… And it’s only a fix-it ticket.

    • 2sfhim says:

      In France, it is on the front but on the right or the left side, just under the headlight. It’s quite akward.

  3. Jeremy Dennis says:

    The ‘unofficial’ sketches don’t really look anything like it if the spy pic is real.

  4. Steven Haas says:

    I drove one of the current generation giulietas for two weeks around italy. It was a fantastic car!

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