BMW M2 in slow-motion at Nurburgring

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Aside from the new BMW 7 Series, the upcoming F87 M2 is one of the most exciting cars of 2015. The successor of the “baby-M” …

Aside from the new BMW 7 Series, the upcoming F87 M2 is one of the most exciting cars of 2015. The successor of the “baby-M” is already the talk of the town and U.S. dealerships are actively taking in pre-orders, without any official specs being released.

The videos below show the M2 in action at Nurburgring where it continues its testing trials. The first clip shows the car in slow motion while the second one (0.52 seconds in) highlights why everyone is excited about the car.

Last year, a source close to BMWBLOG said the M2 will use in fact an updated N55 engine with 365 hp and 343 lb-ft of torque with 25 lb-ft of torque available as overboost. While the updated N55 is based on the same engine found in the M235i, our source says it will have some components from the new S55 unit. Yet the engine code will still be labeled as N55.

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Our sources close to BMW have also revealed the M2 will weigh less than the M235i Coupe. It’s still unknown where the weight savings are coming, but one thing we know for sure is the M2 not sporting a carbon fiber roof. Being built upon the 2 Series Coupe, we can only speculate that most of the weight savings come from the use of aluminum and carbon fiber on some parts of the body/chassis. Inside, BMW will run a full setup, so the only savings there will be from the use of M3/M4-like seats, sportier, thinner and lighter.

We certainly don’t expect a huge weight drop compared to the M235i, but any kilos shaved off the car coupled with about extra 40 horsepower, a tighter chassis, mechanical locking differential, M4 suspensions and brakes, would make the M2 a strong contender on the Nurburgring and certainly faster than the M235i.

BMW is likely to unveil the M2 later this summer.

Click here for the video

BMW M2 being tested at the Nurburgring yesterday!

Posted by Samuel Thomas-Robert Du Verne on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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  1. jason bourne says:

    This should be good… I think this will replace the M3/M4 as the premier M-car.

  2. Max says:

    Uhhh that thing sounds like the E92 M3 :O
    I am so excited!

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