F81 BMW M3 Touring – The Best Car BMW Won’t Make

BMW M3 | May 21st, 2015 by 7
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It’s time to talk about wagons, yet again. You may be sick of me rambling about how we don’t get enough cool wagons here in …

It’s time to talk about wagons, yet again. You may be sick of me rambling about how we don’t get enough cool wagons here in the US, but I’m not sick of rambling. Give me a soapbox and I’ll shout about the need for more hot-wagons in the US until I pass out from lack of oxygen. However, in this particular case, I’m going to be talking about a wagon that won’t be made for any market, the F81 BMW M3 Touring.

I still consider the F31 3 Series Touring to be one of the best, if not the best deal in BMW’s stable. It’s quick, fun, practical, economical and good looking. What more could one ask for in a car? Fortunately, we get that car Stateside. Unfortunately, there won’t be an M3 variant. BMW has not committed to making an M3 wagon for any market, nonetheless the North American market. Now, on one hand, I’m glad that it won’t be build for Europe either because I don’t have to be jealous. But on the other hand, the existence of an F81 M3 Touring anywhere makes the world a better place.

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It’s baffling that BMW isn’t going to make one, though. BMW’s biggest competitors are Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Both companies have their own respective hot-wagons in the C63 AMG Wagon and the RS4 Avant. Both of those cars are absolutely excellent and if I lived in Europe, the only place they’re offered, I’d sell a kidney to get one. But I, along with many others, would so much rather have an M3 Touring over both of those aforementioned cars if it were available. Because of this, BMW wouldn’t have an issue selling them over in Europe. Both Audi and Mercedes are having great success with them. So it’s perplexing, the refusal to make on, knowing that the competition does and they sell well.

In one of the last Top Gear episodes, Jeremy Clarkson states that if anyone has the $60-$70k, or so, to buy a car, they should buy an M3. It’s that good. But if you have a family, an M3 might not be the most practical of cars to own. But if BMW were to make a wagon variant, that family man or woman could have their high performance sports car and enough room for soccer gear. An M3 wagon would be an absolute win/win for many of us enthusiasts. Throw in the fact that it would look awesome, and have an incredibly long carbon fiber roof, and it’s possible it would be the best car in BMW’s lineup, maybe even the world.

BMW has done several excellent wagons in the past. It’s a company that simply knows how to get the wagon right. And it’s also a company that’s done fast wagons before as well. The E60 M5 Touring was one of the coolest wagons ever made, because V10. So it’s not as if BMW doesn’t have the know how. An F81 M3 Wagon would be absolutely incredible. It’s the best car BMW won’t make.