This 1997 BMW 750iL Sedan can be had for under $10,000

7-series | May 11th, 2015 by 2
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For less than $10,000, this 1997 BMW 750iL will give you sumptuous leather, wood trim, a wonderful suspension and a monster V12.

How much luxury does one really need? Luxury cars today are filled with enough luxury features they make you feel like the Sultan of Brunei. Admittedly, when spending six figures, that should be the case. But why spend all of that money on a car with luxury features that will most likely go unused, when you can spend four figures on something that will give all the luxury you’ll ever need and has some serious driving credibility?

The E38 7 Series is widely regarded, by myself included, as the best 7 Series ever made. At least until the new G11/G12 comes out. It has more luxury features than anyone will ever actually need, it has a range of fantastic engines and handles like a sports car. It’s a wonderful combination of luxury and performance. Which is why this specific E38 is such a fantastic deal at $8,500.

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For less than $10,000, this 750iL will give you sumptuous leather, wood trim, a wonderful suspension and a monster V12. To get the equivalent 2015 750iL, you’d spend $83,000 and that’s just to start. Add options and it quickly balloons into six-figure territory. But this 1997 750iL can give you a similar level of luxury for less than a trip to Fiji.

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This particular model is Black on Black 750iL with HID headlights, ’90s navigation and a thumping V12. Mated to a five-speed automatic, the bruising 5.4 liter V12 uses its 322 horsepower to send send the 7 Series to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds. While that won’t light you hair on fire, it’s plenty quick enough if such a luxurious limo. This particular model only has 107,000 miles, excellent for a ’97, is in immaculate condition and even has all of the original tools.


Obviously this specific 7 Series won’t sway someone looking to buy a new one, but for the person who wants a high level of luxury without wanting to spend small Condo money to get one, this 7er is a fantastic deal. Where else can you get one of the most luxurious cars in BMW’s history, with excellent handling and a V12 for under $10,000? This is an awesome car and one anyone looking to spend ten grand should consider.