Is there a perfect car?

BMW i | May 10th, 2015 by 13
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There’s no such thing as the best car in the world. You can drive a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and become so infatuated with it that …

There’s no such thing as the best car in the world. You can drive a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and become so infatuated with it that you may proclaim it to be the best in the world, but the fact of the matter is that no such car exists. There are different cars that are better for different situations. For instance, the F12 may be the best car for touring the more scenic parts of Europe, but for doing the daily shopping run? Serviceable at best. So each fantastic car is only fantastic when fulfilling its purpose. So, if there is no best car, is there a best BMW? I actually think there may be.

BMW is currently doing an extended drive event for the i3 (shameless BMW plug), where potential customers can drive an i3 for a few days to see if an electric vehicle might suit their lifestyle. It’s an excellent program, in which I took part in months ago, because you really can’t learn of how well EV life may suit you until you live it. But this program got me thinking about the i3, and its purpose. This line of thinking led me to believe that if there is such a perfect BMW, hypothetically speaking of course, it could possibly be the i3.

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When people think BMWs, a lot of the vision in their mind is windy roads being tackled at great speed with a glorious engine note in the background. And while BMWs are perfectly capable of delivering on such fantasies, seldom does it actually occur. What actually does occur in a BMW is a lot of waiting in traffic, getting cut off by Audi drivers and pretending that you weren’t doing the drums to AC/DC on your steering wheel when other drivers catch you. That’s because most roads in America are very, very crowded and it’s rare to catch a bit of twisty stuff uninhabited by many other drivers.

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It’s because of this that the i3 shines. It is not only a lovely place to sit in for a long time, due to its pleasant and relaxing interior, but it doesn’t use a drop of fuel while doing so. It’s a perfect city car. It’s also small and nimble enough to navigate those pesky city centers, filled with people driving Chevy Suburbans that are the size of a city block. The best part of the i3, though? It’s actually fun.

When you finally reach a fun road in an i3, it truly does have the handling chops you’d come to expect from BMW. It’s nippy and fun to drive, with excellent steering response, if a little lacking in feel. The electric motor provides plenty of power to make corner exit enjoyable. And because the center of gravity is so low, and the chassis is so stiff, it is genuinely fun to toss around. All while, again, using zero fuel.

So the i3 can be a dual threat. It can be the fun canyon carving BMW we’re all used to, but can also double as a fun city car. And it’s also extra friendly to Johnny Polar Bear. It seems like it could be the best all rounder. Is it the perfect BMW? Of course not. It still can’t take long trips or carry a lot of people and it really isn’t all that fast. But it’s close and BMW seems to be getting closer. If BMW can deliver on the promises of a further range and shorter charge times, cars like the i3 will get closer and closer to that perfect car pipe dream so many have. But until then, the i3 is pretty damn close.

13 responses to “Is there a perfect car?”

  1. IceDree says:

    The “Perfect car” criteria differs from one person to another.
    I say a Perfect Car is car that put a smile on your face everytime you grab the keys, drive, have fun in, love, take care of & fits your needs perfectly …. Whether it was an F12, i3, Suburban or an E30 with a Corvette engine.

  2. John says:

    The best all around car right now is definitely the Tesla. It drives better than any BMW, oozes sophistication and is packed with useful advanced technologies. It even seats 5 adults with room for all their luggage!

  3. kylecronin says:

    While I have no doubt that in the future an electric BMW could be “perfect” or at least better than anything else in their product range, the i3 isn’t it by a long shot: the 7.0 seconds to 60 mph and 93 mph top speed is proof enough of that. Yes, it may fit a certain niche well, but “perfect”? Hardly.

    • steven75 says:

      I love performance too, but I can’t follow your argument. Do you commute on a racetrack or public roads? The i3 is quicker than my current DD and I cannot recall the last time I had *any* car up to 93 mph.

  4. Reino-five-five-oh says:

    I’m not sure if there is a perfect car, but the E60 is the closest to perfect that I’ve ever driven :)

  5. RoninX says:

    The i3? Seriously? Literally any other BMW would be a better choice — M2, M3, M4 for performance, 228i or M235i if you’re looking for something more affordable, and if you’re set on something that runs on electricity, the i8 is clearly the one that approaches perfection.

    • steven75 says:

      The point is to find all attributes in one car. If you only count performance then you are missing the point.

  6. jehad says:

    My perfect car is F10 M5 or F15 X5M . talk about power need :))

  7. Peder Norby says:

    oh this is going to raise a ruckas :) Helmet on chin strap tightened!
    We’re loving our two i3’s but different strokes for different folks, The best BMW is a very personalized decision.
    But I agree with the author :)

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