Might The M2 Be Better Than The M4?

BMW M2 | May 9th, 2015 by 11
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The upcoming BMW M2 is gaining popularity quickly and is soon to become a fan favorite. Many believe it will be the spiritual successor to …

The upcoming BMW M2 is gaining popularity quickly and is soon to become a fan favorite. Many believe it will be the spiritual successor to the 1 Series M, whose legacy is forever embedded into the automotive hall of fame. Needless to say, with expectations that high, people are excited about it.

From everything we’re hearing about it, the M2 should be an absolute riot to drive, and possibly the best from Bavaria. There are journalists who already think that the M235i is BMW’s most fun car to drive. So imagine adding more power and handling capability. There’s no doubt the M2 will be excellent, but just how excellent will BMW allow it to be?

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See, people already think that the M235i is BMW’s best car, even over such cars like the M4 and M6 Gran Coupe. So would the addition of an M2 spoil the legacy of the M3, and now M4? Porsche has this problem with the Cayman and 911. The 911 is Porsche’s most expensive sports car and most iconic. However, most enthusiasts would tell you that the Cayman is the better driving car of the two to and, because of its mid-engined layout, it has more potential than the 911 and its rear-engined layout. Many believe that Porsche intentionally hamstrings the Cayman, as to not let it overlap its iconic 911, in terms of performance and drivability. Will BMW have to do the same?

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It’s a good possibility that the M2 will be more fun to drive than the M4. That would put a big damper on M3/M4 fans and make the M4 seem vulnerable to its competition or even its own younger sibling. Like the 911 is to Porsche, the M3/M4 is BMW’s most famous sports car. It can’t be allow to be an inferior performance car in comparison to something less expensive and especially a newcomer, like the M2. Or can it?

Is there anything wrong with a young newcomer, like the M2, beating out its older iconic sibling? I don’t certainly think so, though I’m not sure BMW will feel the same.

The 2 Series chassis is phenomenal and may have a higher ceiling than that of the 4 Series’. So it’s possible that an overtaking may occur, much like the Cayman is doing to the 911. Sure the Cayman is much smaller and has less horsepower, but it’s not much slower and handles better. The same goes for the upcoming M2 and the M4. The M2 will have 365 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque and while that’s 60 hp and 63 lb-ft less than the M4, it should be quite a bit lighter. The M4, equipped with the DCT, checks in at 3,556 lbs and the M235i is 3,535 lbs, which the M2 should be much lighter than. So if the M2 can shave 100 lbs off of the M235i, it’s a good possibility that it punches in the same class as the M4. If the M2 is almost or as fast as the M4, but handles better, the M4 better watch out.

BMW has a predicament on its hands with this, the very same predicament Porsche has. Does BMW hamstring the M2 so it can’t eclipse its older, more iconic sibling, or will it let the M2 shine as bright as it possibly can?The M4 is an astonishing car, it really is, but the M2 just might outshine it and become the new fan favorite. The M3/M4 have the legacy, but sometimes we need a bit of young blood.

11 responses to “Might The M2 Be Better Than The M4?”

  1. Christian says:

    Well isn’t this the price you have to pay, when you start making cars for each segment and price class. There is going to be an overlap when there are so small margins model to model. Another thing is that this might be a M-model for the average Joe. Many can afford it and that makes is accessible just as the cayman did.

  2. TheBingoBalls says:

    This is the same argument with Porsche, is the Cayman better than the 911?

    • fatherguidosarducci says:

      The Cayman and 911 are just very different cars.
      I’ve owned a 2007 Cayman S and now own a 2011 911 GTS (997.2) and will be considering either the M2 or M3/M4 next year some time.
      The mid engine platform of the Cayman makes it the near perfect track car, and the 911 GTS on the track for an experienced driver is a monster………………. I’m by no means an experienced track guy, having tracked my 911 only one weekend. I spun out on day 1 when giving steering input too quickly while letting off the brake coming out of a turn. Had that been my Cayman S, it probably wouldn’t have happened.
      In short, it’s easier to push the Cayman/Boxter to the limit for someone like me than it is to on a 911 GTS or more so, a 911 turbo.
      I will say that on routine daily driving, my 911 is more fun to drive than my Cayman S was, but the Cayman S was still a blast.

  3. Schmidlack says:

    Well, lighter is always better, but will it be enough to matter? I doubt it. The 4 is based on a lighter/newe architecture I think, so it has a head start.

  4. Ask says:

    I remember when BMW said 1M coupe will be a budget M car for younger generation. Guess what, it is way too expensive to purchase right now. I hope this M2 become a real “budge” M car this time.

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