Best Driving Sunglasses

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Ray Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer 901 Sunglasses Men 750x500

Driving apparel is important to us car enthusiasts. We like our driving gloves, driving shoes and maybe even a good leather jacket to go along …

Driving apparel is important to us car enthusiasts. We like our driving gloves, driving shoes and maybe even a good leather jacket to go along with them. But another essential accessory of driving apparel is a good pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are very important for quality motoring as they, obviously, reduce the amount of sun in your eyes. Sure there are sunvisors, but they only block out the sun when it’s in specific positions, and they have to be switched over to the side by hand, which can be difficult in fast moving situations.

Sunglasses, however, keep the glaring sun out of your eyes in almost any situation. If you have a good pair, that is. I’ve worn bad sunglasses before and it’s almost as if they make it worse, when the sun’s in your eyes. A good pair of sunglasses is worth the investment because you can use them everyday, all the time and if you get a stylish pair, they will look good for a long time.

There are some very good sunglasses for driving that look good under any circumstance and still fit that car-guy style. Let’s take a look at some.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Ray Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer 901 Sunglasses Men 750x500

Introduced in 1956, the Italian company’s Wayfarer has been the icon of sunglasses ever since. And it’s easy to see why. The clean, classic look is cool for any style, both dress-up and dress-down events and especially when behind the wheel. They’re also very comfortable and ergonomic, are well made and have excellent lenses. There’s almost an infinite amount of different color schemes to match any style you’d like. The classic black with green tinted lenses is the most versatile. Plus Tom Cruise wore them in Risky Business. So there’s that. Find them here.

Persol P02424S

opplanet persol po2424s sunglasses 102231 5613 shiny black frame green lenses 750x402

Persol is also Italian and each pair is hand built. A very cool take on the classic Aviator style of sunglasses, these Persols are some of the coolest looking sunglasses out. With iconic styling, polarized anti-glare lenses, and thin and lightweight construction makes these perfect for some good motoring. They come in a couple of different color schemes, my favorite being the gunmetal frames with the blue lenses. Oh, and Steve McQueen wore Persols, so if they’re good enough for him, they’re good enough for anyone. Buy them here.

Oakley Plaintiff Squared

Oakley Plaintiff Squared

Oakley is American brand, based out of California. It’s been making sports-designed sunglasses since the ‘70s and is a supplier of gear to the US Military. So you know Oakley’s are tough. The Plaintiffs are an excellent pair of sunglasses for driving, as they have great lenses, as Oakleys always do, the lenses wrap far around the sides, giving better protection from the sides, and the frames are thin and light. Plus they simply just look cool. Find them here.

Maui Jim Wiki Wiki


With more of a West Coast style, the Wiki Kikis are very cool, especially in the Gold/Bronze color scheme. The polarized lenses will expertly block out the pesky sun and the titanium frames will be light and durable, with the added benefit of sounding somewhat automotive themed, being titanium and all. These Maui Jims are a bit different than everything on the list and add a bit of West Coast flair. Find them here.

These are all great choices, but there are literally thousands of different sunglasses perfect for driving. These are just some of the better, all-around choices. Sunglasses need to be able to be worn all of the time, not just in the car. While they’re all a bit pricy, a good pair of sunglasses is worth the money. They instantly upgrade any outfit and can make you look cool in whatever you’re driving. If you want to have the cool, car-guy look like Steve McQueen or James Dean, then sunglasses like these are the ones to get.