2016 BMW M2 in Austin Yellow – Rendering

BMW M2 | March 8th, 2015 by 13
2016 bmw m2 image 750x500

The highly-awaited BMW M2 will enter production in November, just two months after its world debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show. BMW M2, despite …

The highly-awaited BMW M2 will enter production in November, just two months after its world debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show.

BMW M2, despite having a proper M name and not just 2 Series M, is going to be very similar to the 1M. Even the recipe is quite similar to that of the 1M, the approach will be different as BMW is purpose building the M2 from scratch to be a monster. The 2 Series is already a better, more sorted sports car than the 1 Series, so it already has an advantage over the 1M. Plus, thanks to BMW’s newfound knowledge of lightweight materials and engine technology, it should be quite a bit faster.

2016 bmw m2 image 750x500

BMW has learned a lot about lightweight materials from the i3 and i8, so expect some of these techniques to make the M2 as light as possible. The goal for BMW is to make it lighter than the M235i (3,505 lbs with a manual).

The M2 will also appeal to a younger audience who are enow flocking to the likes of Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG.

Under the hood, we believe the F87 M2 will use an updated version of the N55 TwinPower 3.0 liter engine (N55B30T0) with 360-370 horsepower. The M2 prototype runs with both a manual and automatic transmission so we expect both options to be available in the production series.

The BMW M2 has a production date of November, 15, 2015 with first deliveries taking place in March 2016.

[Rendering: WCF]

13 responses to “2016 BMW M2 in Austin Yellow – Rendering”

  1. Billy The Hillbilly says:

    think we all can’t wait to see how much brilliance will this car be packed with. Keeping the weight down is certainly the key! I would really like to see it below like 3,000 lbs, but I’m one dreamer peasant :). Anyways, let’s see what they’ll come up with!

    • Ash says:

      by below 3,000 lbs he mean below 1360 kg ;)

      • Horatiu B. says:

        That would be an amazing weight to achieve

      • Billy The Hillbilly says:

        Thanks for giving me a notice, but I’m actually from Europe, so I’m well awared of that :). I think such weight would suit the little M soo much better…I mean 3,505 lbs isn’t a bad aim either, but it still is kinda heavy for a little agile killer. On the other hand, I know that 3,000 lbs is pretty much unachievable as well without an extensive use of lightweight materials, which would spoil its price. But still.. can’t get it out of my head :)

  2. Alex L. D. says:

    Awful rendering. It will look nothing like this.

    It will mimic the Vision GT6 concept.

    • Billy The Hillbilly says:

      I would actually bet you it will resemble more this renderings, than the Vision GT6. The latter car is wayy too wild looking for a common buyer..

      • Alex L. D. says:

        It won’t, go over to bimmerpst and checkout the M2 forums. Its been confirmed that it will resemble the Vision GT and if you look at the camo analyses in the forum, you’ll see that the front bumper aerodynamics will be completely different.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          Yes, def closer to this rendering

          • Alex L. D. says:

            No, it won’t be. This render doesn’t even have the “fangs” that have been identified through the camp and I confirmed. This render is just an M4 bumper on a 2 series. This is nothing like how it will look, you can look at the updated prototypes and see that the bumper will not be even close to the m4. It will be like the Vision.

            Here is a MUCH better rendering. This isn’t new news.


  3. jason bourne says:

    What is this fascination with Puke Yellow?


  4. T says:

    If we bring the Vision GT into more realistic proportions without the immense width and race car features then we get a closer look at the M2.
    Each M is different therefore aerodynamics are specifically honed to suit.
    Form must conform to function therefore it cannot have the same aero packet as the M3 and M4. Same goes why each M model although they share the same visual idea the execution is very different.

  5. Ola Hansen says:

    Too bad it seems like they will be using the N55.
    I would much prefer an upgraded N54, since that thing is much more tunable than the n55.

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