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If you’re into watching TMZ or the E! network, you’re used to seeing celebrities drive around in all sorts of high-end, expensive cars. The most …

If you’re into watching TMZ or the E! network, you’re used to seeing celebrities drive around in all sorts of high-end, expensive cars. The most common cars, obviously, are Ranger Rovers. You can’t go five seconds, watching a channel like that, without seeing Kim Kardashian stepping out of her ridiculously gaudy, customized Range. It’s just what celebrities do; they all buy the same expensive car so they can all be part of the “in” crowd.

There isn’t much creativity in the celebrity car world. Sure, the Biebs has a Ferrari and so does Chris Brown and some people have Rolls Royce’s, but nothing that surprises, when coming from an ultra-rich community.

There are very few “average” luxury cars amongst them. Few celebrities drive Mercedes, apart from the G Wagon, BMWs and Audis. But being BMWBLOG, let’s see if we can find some bimmer drivers amongst the rich and famous.

Jessica Alba

jessica alba bmw x6 jessica alba bmw

The beautiful actress and business woman has recently been spotted exiting her brand-spankin new BMW X6. She’s also been seen with a BMW 750i, so it seems Mrs. Alba is a fan of the Bavarians. I don’t know about any of you, but I wouldn’t mind having her be the spokesperson for BMW.

Scottie Upshall


NHL player, currently with the Florida Panthers, drives a BMW i8. Very good choice indeed Scottie. It isn’t all that surprising to see a celebrity buy an i8, as nothing else looks quite like it and it should probably gather a lot of attention. I’m actually surprised more celebs don’t drive them. I wonder if driving such a high-tech car would make any of his friends say “Beam me up Scottie!” when they want a lift.

Halle Berry


Many celebrities drive Priuses (what’s the plural for Prius?) to give themselves a green image, but the Prius is such a hatefully dull vehicle. So It’s nice to see a celebrity drive something that’s green but also stylish and exotic, like Halle Berry’s BMW i3 – even though it was just for a movie. Good on you Halle Berry, but it still doesn’t make up for Catwoman.

Reese Witherspoon


The Legally Blonde star (it’s kind of sad that’s what she’s still known for even though she made a comeback with her new flick Wild) and her husband have been spotted driving an ALPINA B7, a very interesting and different choice. Very cool. I wonder if that’s what they were driving when she went on an alcohol induced tirade at the police officer who pulled them over.

Jerry Ferrara


That’s right; Turtle from Entourage drives a BMW. Though, the BMW in question happens to be an X5. Not really in keeping with the Entourage lifestyle.

Heidi Klum


To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me what Heidi Klum drives, because I’m not going to be able to notice the car. But if I look hard enough I can see she drives a BMW 6 Series convertible. That has to be a sight, to see her driving in that, top down (the car’s) in sunny California.

Clive Owen


I’m not exactly sure what the British actor is driving these days, but one thing is certain, and that is how absolutely brilliant he was in the BMW Films. A series of short films, directed by big screen directors and starring Clive Owen, depict a talented driver using his skills in a variety of situations, all while driving BMWs. “The Star” happens to be my personal favorite, starring Mr. Owen, Madonna and directed by Guy Ritche (Madonna’s husband at the time). Even if he isn’t driving a BMW at the moment, he has earned Cool Bimmer Guy status.

Most of these celebs are attractive women, so maybe BMW is onto something here. Either way, it seems that not many of the tippy-top of the A-List Mountain are driving bimmers. I wonder why that is? Is it because they aren’t flashy or expensive enough? I’m not really sure. But to the few select famous people who do drive Ultimate Driving Machines, I applaud you for having good taste, and not just trying to fit in with the crowd.

13 responses to “Celebrities who drive BMW cars”

  1. Guest says:

    Not exactly the coolest list ever, but it’s all good….don’t need them to validate my preferences!

  2. jason bourne says:

    Hardly A-list celebrities.

    • Billy The Hillbilly says:

      So what? Why would you need a list of A-list celebrities anyways? Besides I’d prefer Heidi Klum in her M6 rather than any A-list guy you could throw at me, I couldn’t give a fk if she’s not THAT famous :-). Same goes with Jessica Alba though… but yeah, they suckazz both, man! :-D

  3. jason bourne says:

    Hardly A-list celebrities.

  4. Adrian Hodiș says:

    you could’ve said an M6 convertible not just an ordinary 6-series but I guess we have to forgive you since it’s about Klum :)

  5. disqus_um7Ce9uY38 says:

    way more celebs have BMWs the list would be so long

  6. David says:

    Shame on you! an M6 convertible is not just a 6 series convertible! She should get way more props for driving an M. ;-)

  7. Teresa Caruso says:

    BMW fans can scream PERFORMANCE with a pair of the new BMW EyeWear frames. Both in optical and sunwear! Fashion for the face!! CLASSY.#BMW

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  9. allen says:

    no mention of tom cruise?

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