Six Reasons Why BMW Needs A Serious Porsche 911 Competitor

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BMW currently offers a wide range of high performance, sporty models. But one thing the Bavarians are lacking is a true sportscar to compete with …

BMW currently offers a wide range of high performance, sporty models. But one thing the Bavarians are lacking is a true sportscar to compete with the likes of Porsche 011. A two-seater high-performance sports car hasn’t been part of BMW lineup for decades now and the topic of a BMW supercar has been beaten to death by everyone.

Of course, some may argue that the Z4M was a bimmer that provided ample performance, style and superior driving dynamics, but it certainly wasn’t a car we can ponder as a direct Porsche 911 competitor.

Ever since BMW axed the Z8, their lineup has been lacking a direct competitor to the 911 and its absence was clearly noted by many fans and journalists out there.

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Now, you may ask yourself why would BMW need such a car. The answer is simple; equally to fulfil the void in their lineup and to restore the brand’s image when it comes to sports cars. Kinda what Audi did with their R8.

So we put together a list of six reasons why BMW needs to build a serious competitor to the Porsche 911.

1. Audi R8

audi r8 04 750x469

One of the most successful alternatives to the Porsche 911 has been the Audi R8. It provided not only sales numbers, but also hyped up the brand’s image. The R8 has all the makings of a 911, high power engines, all-wheel drive and an exotic look.

It comes with diesel, petrol and hybrid variants, with an all-electric version planned to even be released later this year, all delivering enough power to keep up with the 911.

2. Mercedes-AMG GT


Released last year, the Mercedes-AMG GT create quite a buzz in the automotive world. There are currently two models available: the GT, with 340 kW (462 PS; 456 bhp), and the GT S with 375 kW (510 PS; 503 bhp). The GT has 600 Nm (443 lb-ft) of torque, and the GT S has 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) of torque. It has the looks, the power and charisma to attack the Porsche 911 and have reasonable success at it. Just what BMW needs. With a price tag of 115.000 euro, it gets closer to 911 range while also offering a great return for the money spent.

3. Lexus LF-LC



Strictly a concept for now, the Lexus LF-LC gives us a glimpse into what the Japanese manufacturer is preparing for the future. The super duper looking LF-LC features a 2+2 seating arrangement, a somewhat similar layout to the Porsche 911. We can also expect a hybrid engine powering this vehicle, with the horsepower making it a viable alternative to the 911 and other challengers in the same category.

4. Jaguar F-Type


If you are going to purchase a car just based on its looks, the Jaguar F-Type will clearly win your heart right away! The highly coveted British performer is both a street and track-ready vehicle with the exotic looks having its roots in the British car design history.

It is the perfect weekend car, a great daily driver, and a monster on the track, so you can’t go wrong with an F-Type in your garage.

5. Dodge Viper


Yes, an all-aluminum 8.4 liter V10 engine rated at 640 horsepower (477 kW; 649 PS) and at 600 lb-ft (813 Nm) spells ‘Murica all over, no matter how you want to put it. The Dodge Viper is also the epitome of a two-seater that’s dedicated to performance without any compromise whatsoever. And while the Viper won’t beat the Porsche 911 in sheer luxury and appeal, its plenty of power will make you want to buy it.

At around an MSRP of $84,995, it is nicely priced just in the middle of the BMW M3/M4 and the BMW M5. If you are not a customer who will decide on his sports car just based on looks and premium materials, the Viper is just that car that will make you smile on the road.

6. Chevrolet Corvette


The story with the Corvette is similar to that of the Dodge Viper. The Corvette Z06 is powered by a 6.2L supercharged LT4 engine with 1.7L Eaton R1740 TVS supercharger, which makes 650 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. This American muscle car will make you think twice about challenging its driver to a drag race. Or any other race.

While not having the sex appeal of the 911, the Z06 still has all the ingredients for an amazing performance car. Its pure power brutality is combined with excessive performance on the track, witnessed by the Corvette ZR1 thrashing the competition in BMW’s, backyard – the Nurburgring.

While some may argue, including BMW, that the M3, M4, M5 or the M6 are true sports cars, none of these compete with the 911.  They may be close in performance, but they all fulfill a completely different role. And sometimes, it isn’t all about performance or track times.

It has been clear for years that BMW needs a supercar and while the economy crisis has put a stop on these ideas back in 2009, it is now the time to revisit the topic. BMW has the heritage, the knowledge, expertise and means to build a true 911 competitor that will blow everyone away. Kinda what Ford has just done with their GT.

14 responses to “Six Reasons Why BMW Needs A Serious Porsche 911 Competitor”

  1. bvhbmw says:

    Okay I am not a big Porsche fan, but none of these cars can beat a 911 Turbo S or GT 3 around a track. If BMW wants a 911-beater, they have to aim for the sky and beat the Turbo S or GT 3, and that’s very difficult and will be very expensive for BMW and expensive to buy one. I think BMW is doing the right thing to invest in new technologies like those in the i8 and trickle that down into the rest of the line. That makes way more financial sense than going after the 911. I’d like to see a lightweight program for the M cars across the line – imagine a lightweight M2, M3, M4, M5 and M6 powered by plug-in-hybrid all-wheel-drive getting 40+ MPG and all of them screaming from 0-60 in under 4.5 seconds. Now THAT would sell a lot of cars.

    • ed I. says:

      An M3 will easily beat a 911S in most performance categories as seen in several track comparisons. An M3 is hands down way less expensive than the overpriced 911. I agree that BMW is on a tear with electric and lightweight carbon fiber. Instead of going with displacement like the competition, go for extensive carbon fiber to reduce weight, a tried and proven formula for high performance! BMW is outselling its competition, no need to mess with success!

    • TheBingoBalls says:

      I don’t think it’s even worth the time. There is no company that can match Porsche because each business is totally different. Porche makes sports cars. Mercedes, Audi and BMW make premium/luxury cars. None of those three would make a car that disregards everything that makes them who they are that’s the problem. You take the AMG-GT as an example. While it may be a good car, it’s not Porsche good and the reason why is because it’s a Mercedes and at the end of the day it has to still feel like a Mercedes and have the luxuries that make it a Mercedes.

      BMW should do a one-off as a special edition or some sort of anniversary thing, but I think it’s a good idea not to have it in their regular line up. Focus the resources on developing BMW i, and technologies for the future.

    • Vanja Kljaic says:

      It’s not all about beating it around the track and the models you named are sort of limited edition models that have less and less parts shared with the rest of the model lineup. Pretty much the same as if you compared a BMW 318i with a BMW M3, there is not that many similarities mechanical wise, is it?

  2. Ben says:

    I quote from those stubborn high ups at BMW said before (more that a few times): “We have yet to build a business case” and “We at M are too busy already”

  3. Mo Blackwater says:

    The Vette does not compare to Porsche? Your crazy! Never been a big Vette fan, but the boys from Detroit just gave us a $75,000 supercar. It competes with a million dollar McLaren. Zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds? WOW, and brakes that are some of the quickest recorded, it is just smashing all these Euro cars that cost twice the price. Plus, I am tired of BMW, Porsche and MB charging me for every single little option for a car over a $100K. Pleather interiors standard, heated seats an option on a cars in this high of price range. Even the new Acura NSX at $150K and it not going to beat the C7, which you failed to even mention.

    Lexus has the stale styling (besides the new huge bowtie grill) of a 10 year old Camry.

    I can throw a Vette for the summer (30 miles to the gallon on the highway when I need it) and a brand new Cadillac Escalade in the garage for the winter for less than the price of a high end BMW, Porsche, Mercedes AMG high end model who still doesn’t beat the Vette. Isn’t it about all about driving performance? It would be a sad day when a 75K Vette or Stingray beats every car on this list. That is every car!

    Give props to the boys in Detroit and remember, the ZR1 C7 will probably come out in a year or two, as it usually does, though they are mum on this.

    These ZR1’s do cross the 100K threshold, but the performance I don’t know that many people can get drive well enough to get it out of the current car, will even be higher. The Boys are back in town……..

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Let’s not forget the Ford GT which is off the chain.

    • Vanja Kljaic says:

      Excellent points! I really wanted to capture the essence of a Porsche 911 with this! It’s more of a combination of a car you can daily drive, but can make any supercar out there feel unpleasant in certain areas as well. But yes, the Corvette is just an awesome car to begin with as well and that’s why we’ve added it.

    • bvhbmw says:

      I think the Corvette and Porsche owners are quite different and BMW would more likely appeal to the Porsche owner. I respect GM for the engineering that goes into the recent Corvette but I still worry about GM quality control.

      • Mo Blackwater says:

        Yes, I agree also, but I had a 5 series BMW that after warranty drove me nuts with little crap, plus I am just tired of going in to the Dealer, having to pay for leather seats, having to pay for seat warmers, etc. When I give you 70 large, don’t nickel and dime me for a sunroof.
        BMW I see more as a driver, most are sedans in the sub 100K price. Porsche, I agree with you also, I like the look better, Sting Ray is a bit bat mobile looking, but repairs and even maintenance gets quite expensive with Porsche also. With a 911 turbo, there was never any comparison until now. Corvette has really up’d their game, you’re looking at a vehicle that compete not only with Porsche, but stats that are in the Ferrari and Ford GT territory.
        You have to act serious like a buyer and drive one, you will be amazed. I was blown away, the car is nothing like a 2013. I will wait until they get the bugs worked out, surely not buying a first year model. It really comes down to some fantastic engineering when you can put a naturally aspirated engine into a car into matching and beating some of the supercars, then flip a switch, get a smooth ride and 30 miles to the gallon on a car with 650 horsepower. Hey, we are lucky to be able to drive such wonders, don’t think anyone will be that unhappy with any choice.

  4. Jbona3 says:

    All the points raised are well reasoned and make a ton of sense from an engineering standpoint, carbon fiber/lightweight, alternative energy/electric, AWD; the one thing those things don’t address, which all of the cars above do is a marketing and brand perception issue, which is having a Halo Car. A car that is the culmination of the best BMW has to offer from a design, engineering, and performance stand point – and that is what’s missing from the BMW lineup.

    You can make the argument the i8 is a Halo Car for BMW and I agree, but, it’s the vision of future mobility, not a high performance track car, not quite the epitome of the “Ultimate Driving Machine”, which is what a 911/R8/et. all competitor should aspire to be.

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