I’m gotta stop living in the past

MINI | January 14th, 2015 by 8
Clean Stanced BMW 2002 Thailand 9 750x500

Lately, I’ve written quite a few articles in which I express the fact that I enjoy older BMWs more so than new ones. If it …

Lately, I’ve written quite a few articles in which I express the fact that I enjoy older BMWs more so than new ones. If it seems like I’m living in the past, that’s because, well…I am. I have a hard time accepting modern, electric power steering which is far more vague than old-school hydraulic, or how new cars have enough electronics to make the Starship Enterprise blush. It’s quote ironic that I’m such a curmudgeon, as I’m only 25 years old. I have an old soul I guess.

Clean Stanced BMW 2002 Thailand 9 750x500

It’s not entirely true, though. I don’t dislike modern cars just because they’re modern. I only dislike cars that don’t give the same fizz I’m used to. Maybe that’s not fair, new cars are different, therefore the fizz will be different.

But it’s not as if I’m unwilling to accept modern cars. I adore the 3/4 Series BMW and just today I’ve taken hold of a test MINI Cooper S four-door which, so far, I’ve quite enjoyed. Sure I’ve only had it for a few hours, but I must admit — it’s a riot.

F55 Cooper S1813 750x500

My test MINI Cooper S is the new hatchback model and is unfortunately automatic. I would rather have a manual (forget the past, Nico, be modern), but the 6-speed auto has done just fine with its paddle-shifters. The MINI four-door has changed quite a bit from Minis I remember.

Firstly, it’s far bigger than before. MINI might not be the best name for it anymore. Second, it is filled to the brim with funny little gadgets, like all of the lights throughout the interior that change color or the message on the screen that says “Let’s Motor!”, or something like that, when you engage sport mode.

I will be providing more updates as my time with the MINI passes and I try to come to grips with this very modern take on an old-school car.

Stay tuned for updates and pictures (too dark when I picked it up to take any).

8 responses to “I’m gotta stop living in the past”

  1. Mateo says:

    I’m. 25 too n I love e34 more than all be bimmers together

  2. Chris says:

    You’re not a curmudgeon, just a hipster. Sure, manual is more fun, but you discredit BMW for going with the well-proven DCT because of something you personally want. Not so much a fault of BMW as a fault on you. I guess there is some vanity in holding onto expired views.

    • The automatic in my test Mini is not a DCT just a standard auto, in fact I have great love and respect for BMW’s DCT and would probably choose it over the manual. However, in a car like the Mini Cooper, a manual is essential to its driving experience, hence my propensity for wanting one. Also I am definitely not a hipster, haha.

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