Four Things We Want To See From A BMW M2 When It Arrives

BMW M2, Models | January 7th, 2015 by 14
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Later this year, BMW will unveil the successor of the popular 1M Coupe. The new BMW M2 is without a doubt one of the most …

Later this year, BMW will unveil the successor of the popular 1M Coupe. The new BMW M2 is without a doubt one of the most awaited BMWs of the year and it’s already been the talk of the town.

Every discussion focuses on the power output and engine of the M2, but there are quite a few other things that could make the M2 an exciting car to drive.

We have gathered four things that we believe they should be implemented in the highly touted compact M car.

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1. Manual Gearbox Option
Considered by many a must in a high-performance BMW’s, the manual option should be added to this nimble and powerful model. Many BMW fans have expressed the desire to be able to row through gears in order to maintain that pure BMW DNA.

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The manual was left out of certain newer cars, so the fear that manuals are going away is real. It doesn’t matter whether marketing, financial or ecological reasons are the case for the manuals’ disappearance, people want the manual transmission back in their bimmers and the BMW M2 is the perfect candidate for it.

2. Lightweight Option

A lightweight M2 limited edition is everyone’s dream. The true successor to the M3 CSL would the best gift one can ask for, a modern car basis its performance on weight reduction and agility. Getting a full fledged lightweight option, sans all the usual comfort items but with more performance oriented interior and exterior, would be simply amazing!


Whether it involves plain ol’ weight shedding through removal of everything but the door trim, or simply taking lessons from the aftermarket industry and adding lightweight forged wheels, a lighter, yet more powerful exhaust system, removal of rear seats and such, still remains to be seen.

A small and nimble RWD racer is in demand lately. The BMW M2 shouldn’t be a lazy and overweight vehicle from the start, and losing a couple of hundred pounds would definitely make it a collector’s item.

3. Ceramic Brake Option


The M2 will without a doubt a car for the track, not just on the weekends, but in regular racing series as well. So offering a factory carbon ceramic brakes system should be on BMW’s list from the get-go.

Providing ample braking power coupled with exciting looks, it would separate the M2 from its direct competitors, like the Audi RS3 or the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG, and will remind everyone that ///M means serious business.

4. Historic Color Finishes

BMW M2 needs to be available with some historic color schemes. Let’s face it, this is a BMW that takes cues from many historically successful cars. It also provides an unmatched combination of size, weight and performance, all packed into a vehicle that many consider – without even seeing the full car – one of the best looking coupes out there.

Everyone has a few preferences of color finishes, so what would be yours?