BMW to introduce BMW Laserlights and OLED technology

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At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from 6 to 9 January 2015, BMW presents a concept vehicle that showcases the kind of …

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from 6 to 9 January 2015, BMW presents a concept vehicle that showcases the kind of lighting innovations we can expect in the future, while at the same time reinforcing its leadership position in the field of lighting technology.

BMW Laserlight becomes intelligent thanks to connectivity.
The Laserlight technology that made its production car debut in the BMW i8sets benchmarks in terms of range and intensity. At up to 600 metres, the range of BMW laser lighting is more than twice that of conventional headlights. At the CES, BMW Laserlight now displays its credentials asan intelligent lighting system thanks to being linked up to cameras, sensors and driver assistance systems, opening up the prospect of numerous new functions in the future.

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OLED technology for the rear lights opens up new possibilities.

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BMW already presented tail lights featuring OLED technology with its BMW Vision Future Luxury concept unveiled in 2014. By contrast with LEDs, which are a point light source, OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) generate a uniform light across their entire surface. The elements are very thin at just 1.4 millimetres in thickness. This allows individual modules to be activated separately and opens up new possibilities for the design of rear lights. In presenting its BMW Organic Light with OLED technology in Las Vegas, BMW reveals an impressive glimpse of the potential offered by this innovative technology.

The demos will take place at the BMW Area, Silver Lot #3, Las Vegas Convention Center, 3950 S. Paradise Road, LasVegas, NV.

6 responses to “BMW to introduce BMW Laserlights and OLED technology”

  1. Lawrence says:

    This is exciting stuff!! Well done BMW! I just hope that we will see this very soon in our production BMW and not be copied by other manufacturers like Audi. Also, why limit this technology to only rear lights? Please learn from the past, BMW Group’s was the first manufacturer to feature LED lighting out of the big three German luxury car brands (Audi, Merc and BMW). If you recall, BMW had production LEDs in the tail lights of beautiful E46 Coupe. This was then copied by Audi to make their front lights more distinctive following BMW’s introduction of Corona rings in the E39 5 Series. BMW recently became the first car company to offer laser lights in their production vehicles (i8) as Audi again tried to copy BMW and beat them to it. This laser lighting technology was announced to be under development long ago by BMW. BMW needs to fast track the lag time between the introduction of new technology and putting them in production. If they don’t do this , other manufacturers will just copy and apply it to their cars in a different fashion like what Audi has done. Please DO NOT limit this just to tail lights, apply it throughout the vehicle – front lights, interior lights, rear lights – everywhere. You want the customers to feel that BMW is a remarkable product and be able to differentiate significantly between BMW and other copy cats who get screened out of innovation by patent restrictions – this cannot work if BMW takes forever to introduce something and the patent has expired (I think it is 2 years). Also BMW halogen lights cannot still be offered on lower entry models – these lights are not for premium vehicles. Every BMW should have corona rings as standard, no matter how entry level the model is. BMW is a premium product, competition is tense! I look forward to the new concept:)

  2. The Sharpe Collection BMW says:

    We have a lot of customers mentioning this to us lately. It truly is exciting to see everyone take this much notice!

  3. Steven Manson says:

    Truly awesome but I’d hate to see the repair bill when a light goes out…..

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