The New 2016 BMW X1 Will Be A Great Looking SUV

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bmw x1 rendering

In just a few months BMW will unveil their second generation of the popular compact SUV: the X1. The new F48 X1 will make use …

In just a few months BMW will unveil their second generation of the popular compact SUV: the X1.

The new F48 X1 will make use of BMW’s first front-wheel drive platform which can be configured to offer an all-wheel drive option as well.

To gain space and also to feature more attractive and well proportioned design lines, the BMW X1 will take advantage of the FWD setup which offers more interior space while retaining the driving dynamics.

bmw x1 rendering

But BMW has not only worked on offering a more spacious entry-level SUV. The design shops in Munich and California have competed for the honor to have their idea put into production, and according to our sources and some secret photos, the new BMW X1 is quite a looker.

While the first X1 was mostly popular thanks to its attractive price point and fun driving dynamics, the second-gen X1 will stand out on the road with its sporty and muscular stance. BMW designers have worked hard to give the car a more premium look by using the latest design techniques as seen in the F16 X6 or even the new X4.

Our sources say the car has stronger X-DNA than its predecessor.

Compared to the current E84 X1, the next X1 abandons its long flat hood for a more rounded nose, similar to the 2 Series Active Tourer. The hood is also more sculpted while the front fascia gets more aggressive in looks. Taking a cue from the latest BMW models, the new F48 X1 also gets the sleeker headlights that end in the kidney grille. The iconic grille is also more prominent with thicker chrome frame.

Larger air intakes with chrome inserts round up the sporty front-end.

On the side of the car, we will see the Air Breathers that are now part of the BMW’s DNA. The character line is also more prominent running across the entire car separating the shapes and creating a 3D look.

While the rendering seen here gets some things wrong – like the slightly different headlights and the lower bumper design – overall the stance and the proportions are in line with what we will see next Spring.

6 responses to “The New 2016 BMW X1 Will Be A Great Looking SUV”

  1. ewrwewew says:


  2. AthrazhuR says:

    The renders look promising, the leaked picture of the left headlight doesn’t. Wonder how much they will bump the price. I believe the X1 used to be the cheapest possible BMW to configure. If you can have a decently specified model for under $35K I will be impressed. And if the 7 seat that’s been rumored can undercut the Discovery Sport I will be amazed.

  3. M3111Z says:

    Here are links to some more images from Auto Bild, including a rear view. These images are a little different from the one above. They show the headlights and grills being separated instead of connected, which does seem more consistent with how they look in the camo’d pictures. IMO the separated headlights look better.

    I’m glad to see you showing a spring 2015 reveal date, as later dates had been mentioned before. This seems consistent with other info that the current X1 ends production in June ’15 and the new X1 beginning production in July ’15. I really hope this is accurate because I’d like to do a European Delivery of a new X1 in September after my current lease expires.

  4. Max Pond says:

    If it isn’t rated for towing then what’s the point? Useless.

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