iOS 8 Causing Bluetooth Connectivity Issues In Some BMWs

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bmw iphone bluetooth

The new iOS 8 was made available to the public two weeks ago and the latest operating system from Apple has been from being bug-free. …

The new iOS 8 was made available to the public two weeks ago and the latest operating system from Apple has been from being bug-free. Reports on the web point out that iOS 8 also has some connectivity issues with Bluetooth systems inside cars, including BMWs.

According to numerous reports on the Apple Support forums and MacRumors, users running iOS 8 have trouble pairing their phones to their car audio systems, this includes the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices.

Some of the most common issues report to us by BMW owners as well are around the devices refusing to pair entirely, neglecting to play audio over the speakers, or disconnecting when a call comes in.

bmw iphone bluetooth

Even the latest iOS 8.0.2 has the same issues.

According to one iPhone 6 owner experiencing issues, Apple support is aware of a compatibility issue between the Bluetooth “used on the iPhone 6 and some car/navigation Bluetooth.”

Some of the quick fixes to try, which have been successful for some users, are the following:

1. Log out of iCloud,

2. Forget connected Bluetooth devices

3. Using the “Reset All Settings” and/or “Reset Network Settings” option on their iPhones and restarting, re-pairing their devices with their Bluetooth devices

4. Logging back in to iCloud.

Attempting to use “Reset All Settings” should be done with caution, however, as some users have noticed that all of their iCloud Drive documents have gone missing after using the feature. So please attempt these fixes with caution and proper backups.


12 responses to “iOS 8 Causing Bluetooth Connectivity Issues In Some BMWs”

  1. drb says:

    I have an i3 and use Apple’s new operating system using my bluetooth connection to play music. No problems at this time.

  2. MDC says:

    My iphone 6 will not connect to my car bluetooth in my 5 series. It will attempt to connect but will not.

  3. Cathy says:

    I am having the same difficulties with my 2009 Z4 – it appears my phone has syned with the car because I can see the phone numbers but it only want to hook up to the first contact and if I try using the phone function from my wheel it tell me the directory is empty. I just received my iPhone 6 and at this time I do not use my car phone enough to totally remove all my iCloud data and pictures plus resetting my complete phone. At this time I will wait until Apple corrects the issue. I do hope BMW will let customers know of this problem and notified customers when the problem has been corrected.

  4. 3mr4h4s14n says:

    My iPhone 6 connected successfuly to my new X4

  5. Wantris says:

    I have a 3GT and have had no issues, BUT I still cant access internet and calender function without having to use the BMW app. SMS function works great. Any suggestions

  6. Greg says:

    Thanks this worked for my 2015 M235i

  7. dgn says:

    I have a 2014 328d and can connect with my iPhone 5S running iOS 8.1 but it will not reliably transfer my contacts. It is sporadic and when it does not work, I need to forget the device on the car and the phone and re-pair them.

  8. Hozo1 says:

    BMW has decided to stop supporting Apple … my voice command has been awful since the 5s and worse with the 6 … tweet your issue at #iwishkiamademybmw .. i rented a Kia a few weeks ago and my iPhone works great! BMW basically told me to screw off

  9. KAA says:

    I had a pairing problem after upgrading from 7.0.1 to ios 8 and later versions. My 330i would not pair the phone any longer. I researched going back to an earlier ios unsuccessfully, but eventually found the quick fix suggestion above to reset all Network settings and sure enough it fixed my problem. My phone paired on the first attempt after the reset. I recommend trying it.

  10. Martyn says:

    My 2012 5 Series was fine with my iphone 5 until an update to OS8.3 after which my recent calls and calls made were both empty and BMW were very quick to blame the phone. They are probably correct but Apple don’t see to give a toss.

    • Steve Sykes says:

      I installed iOS 9.1 Beta on my iPhone 5S and it appears that all the problems have been resolved. I connected via BlueTooth and my address book now fully loads. I did search of address book and that works. I placed phone calls. I played music. I then connected USB and for full music interface.

      I have a BMW 535.

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