BMW M2 starts production in November 2015, launch in March 2016

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Several sources hinted to BMWBLOG that the BMW M2 will begin production in November 2015 with sales beginning in March 2016.

The cat is out of the bag. Over the last few months, several sources hinted to BMWBLOG that the BMW M2 will begin production in November 2015 with sales beginning in March 2016.  Now another source seems to have confirmed the same info to a BMW forum.

If nothing changes, BMW will unveil the M2 sometimes in Summer 2015, followed shortly by press test drives on some exotic race track.

Just last month, the first F87 BMW M2 prototype was spotted during a testing session and we had the chance to see, despite the light camouflage, some of the design features, starting with the aggressive front fascia and the rear spoiler and the signature M four-exhaust pipes. Kinda what BMW has previewed with their M235i Racing car.


With an aggressiveBMW M2 rendered once again package, the M2 will strongly differentiate itself from the M135i hatch and the M235i Coupe model.

BMW M2 is expected to adopt much of the new chassis technology found in the M3 and M4, including an electronically controlled limited slip rear differential dubbed Active M Differential.

It was also revealed last month that a BMW M2 prototype is currently running under the hood an updated version of the N55 TwinPower 3.0 liter engine (N55B30T0). The same source reveals that the M2 prototype runs with both a manual and automatic transmissionBMW M2 rendered once again.

BMW M2 will most likely have more ponies under the hood than the M235i (340 hp), so expected anywhere from 360 to 380 ponies, leaving enough space to the 425 hp from the new BMW M3BMW M2 rendered once again Sedan and M4 Coupe.

We have also learned that BMW M is extremely confident in the fact that the M2 will be a better drive than the highly acclaimed 1M. With a longer development time and an excellent base car, M235i, the M2 should deliver amazing dynamics and handling and it will be a great competitor to even the M3/M4.

  • Arthur

    i hope this brings prices of the 1M under $60k, because I WANT A 1M! The M2 is just going to be another electronic M car like the new M3 and M4. Fast and nice, but not particularly exciting. The 1M was exciting in a way the M2 will never be.

    • TangoUrilla

      internet expert.

      • Horatiu B.

        Yup. Plus connections. Was just in Austria and this topic came up. We’ve been sitting on this info for a while now since we wanted to hear something more official, but others jumped the gun.

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