2015 Ford Mustang GT or 2015 BMW M4 – Take Your Pick

BMW M4 | July 23rd, 2014 by 29

MotorTrend comes back with another daring comparison, the new 2015 BMW M4 against the 2015 Ford Mustang GT.

MotorTrend comes back with another daring comparison, the new 2015 BMW M4 against the 2015 Ford Mustang GT. Clearly an apple-to-oranges comparison, but nonetheless an interesting one.

The new 2015 Ford Mustang GT  is powered by the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 which received upgrades for 2015, which raise output by 15 hp and 10 lb-ft from the previous Mustang GT. All 5.0-liter V8s received bigger intake and exhaust valves along with the Boss 302’s valve springs. At 435 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque, the 2015 Mustang GT is down 9 hp from the Boss 302, though it makes 20 lb-ft more.


The 2015 BMW M4 is powered by a twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six which makes 425 hp and 406 lb-ft. That’s barely up from the last-gen M3’s peak 414 hp, but up significantly in the torque department.

The 2015 Ford Mustang GT starts at $32,925, while the 2015 BMW M4 has a base price of $65,125. The 2015 Mustang GT manual weighs 3705 pounds, which is 87 pounds more than last year’s model and 175 pounds more than the 2015 BMW M4 manual’s 3530-pound curb weight.

With all the stats before you, which one would you pick as your next car? Let us know in the comments below.


  • lol

    Looks wise the mustang, price mustang, status bmw.

  • virgoman73

    The Mustang is a big winner on price and if I were to choose one for my wife the Mustang would win. I personally need a car with more interior space than the Mustang has to offer and I prefer a tool honed for track driving than an out and out muscle car. The Mustang is far too soft in it’s suspension set up, it has an inferior chassis, a less flexible engine and throw in an interior made of much worse quality materials. Where the BMW consumes fuel like a Frenchman sipping wine on Valentine’s Day the Mustang skulls petrol like a German at Oktoberfest! BMW wins, no question!

    • mike

      The previous generation Mustang definitely had an inferior chassis and interior (especially the stock Mustang seats which were worst in class), but this one should be noticably better. The last gen Mustang, however, had a much better V8 than the last M3. This time around they’ll be pretty evenly matched in the engine dept. and the Mustang’s interior is improved. As for fuel consumption, they both guzzle like frat boys at an open bar if you press your right foot down too much. If money is no object, the BMW wins. If value matters to you, the new Mustang wins.

    • lol

      The new mustang suspension is a totally different ball game. Being that the old boss was a m3 beater on the track… The new gt gas a way better suspension, gas mileage was also better then the m3 so have no idea where your getting your stats.

    • DMcG

      You may want to update your prejudice before you comment on the 2015 Mustang. Not really sure why you’d think either the front or rear suspension of the BMW is superior. The 5.0 V8 is world class, and the interior materials are a huge upgrade from anything Ford has done in the past; surely nicer than most of what BMW is doing. I thing you are seriously wrong on fuel consumption as well, not more than 1 or 2 mpg between them. We’ll have to wait for test results, but given the Boss 302 was faster than the last M3, I don’t think this is going to be a walk-over. But bias dies hard. If you want to spend twice as much for a car that will have advantages and disadvantage over the Mustang, you go right ahead.

  • brylajo

    The fact that a Mustang GT is being compared to a BMW M4 is a win for Ford. If this was a fair comparison the BMW would be a more mundane 4 series or the Mustang would be a more capable car like a Boss or another special edition. Given the choice I’d go with a special edition Mustang over any BMW any day of the week. I may not have the status in most people’s eyes and that’s perfectly fine with me. The day I buy a car with the primary objective to impress other people is the day hell freezes over with flying pigs.

    • terencew

      Agreed 100%, and any man relying on a car that much to “get” women ain’t much of a man. Character speaks … bullshit poses. Buy and drive the car for you.

      I like the M4’s technology and dynamics, but BMW has messed way too much with the M heritage, and Ford has honed their stuff to a level that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago at a very good price. So it’s 5.0 all the way for me.

  • Smurfy

    I would choose the BMW M4 over any Mustang any day. The M4 is the better car for me.

    • 1heartonfire

      $3,500 for leather seats on the M4. $1,795 for Recaro leather seats on the Mustang GT. Those BMW seats must have gold-plated parts. Yup, the M4 is a better car. You pay a lot for that little blue and white logo. *rolls eyes*

      • randomguest

        i believe its $3500 for the full leather interior option , for just the seats in leather its $950

        • DMcG

          Oh, THAT makes it all better, LOL. So my new M4 will only be $75K rather than $77K? Sounds like TWO well-equipped GTs with Recaros to me.


    The M4 would attract the kind of chicks that we would consider model quality. The mustang would get you a fatty redneck with camouflage boots.

    • Cleetus Memphis

      Those are the kind I want. What’s better than a big woman who carries food in her pocket?

    • terencew

      Uh, you’re thinking of the Bentley Continental GT, not the M4! LOL. Look, if you’re gonna front, at least get the tax bracket and pecking order correct.

      Second, models don’t care about the storied yet increasingly irrelevant reputation of M GmbH or how many pistons your front brakes have. Stop kidding yourself, son. The M4 won’t be doing anything for you in that department that a 4 series coupe won’t. She absolutely does not care what bits are carbon fibre. Save that nonsense for your pals at the pub over lagered boasts.

      Last, guys who think beautiful women don’t come from small towns haven’t spent much time ’round the farmer’s daughter types (man, their loss) … nor looked up the hometowns of lot of those “models” you assign so much misguided status to.

      Sounds like it’s high time to check your shit, buddy. If anything, you just embarrassed BMW fans (a group of people who really don’t need any more of such) with your super dated, misguided class-ist bullshit … which is something that’s actually a far, far bigger turnoff for truly sophisticated women than what your brake rotors are made of.

    • DMcG

      If you are discounting country women, you are missing out on the finest thing in life.

    • Alexandra_8

      An argument that BMW will get you more gold-digging, social climbing, insincere bitches? LOL

    • Cleetus Memphis

      Also, as someone who has a V10 BMW M6 in pristine condition.. It doesn’t work. My Crotch-rocket gets me exponentially more tail than my M6.

  • jacob

    cant compare it when it comes to price.. the m4 comes standard with a lot of things that are optional on the mustang well as the dct option which is what is selected here..dct will outshine a regular auto any day, and the tech put into the m-dct is above and beyond what’s normal. the amount of tech produced and what has gone into the engine, chassis, and interior of the m4 has me saying its only 64k?

  • Stangful

    Well if the Boss beat the M3, then the 2015 GT with just the performance pack option alone($2.5K extra: Standard GT $35.5K or Prem GT $39.5K) beats out the 2012-13 Boss on a regular basis as noted by Ford Brass, might just mean it can out track the M4 for half the price. Also tons of new standard tech has gone into the new 2015 GT, yet the move to direct injection has not happened. Thats leaving lots of room to grow power and only make it stronger. I dont know weight bias for M4, but 2015 GT best to date at 53/47 from 57/48 and the new eco-boost 4 cyl is 52/48 at 315hp/325tq. I can only imagine what an SVT version will pack once released….and will still be priced under a M4. Ouch!

  • pockets empty

    the bmw will dry your pockets faster than the mustang when it comes to maintenance and repairs

  • joseph

    Kinda tough without a test drive, nor even the benefit of reading about about a test drive from someone else.. Still, I’m leaning towards the Stang :) It looks nice, it has the balls, its got IRS finally, is priced right, is practical with 4 seats and folding rears, its American!, plus it cost less significantly less than the Bimmer.

  • DMcG

    My order for a 2015 GT was place several weeks ago.

  • DMcG

    You all talk like it’s only a matter of which dealer gets your money. You ALL know that only a fraction of US could ever think about an $80K toy car like the M4. At less than $40K, the Mustang is a different story. I am really glad to have such a beast that I can actually afford.

  • Rick Barnett

    OK everyone…here is the deal….what is needed for next Mustang…

    50th Anniversary Shelby GT 350 next year…

    550+ HP
    Track Badges from 1965
    Special Colors
    No more than $59,995…

    • DanRad

      The misinformation in here is amusing. You cannot compare these two cars. Ostensibly, it’s akin to comparing a box-o-wine to a 2005 Rothschild. Yes, they will both get you drunk, but which would you rather drink?

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  • Cordarion

    A Ford Mustang GT compared to a car twice it’s price? Congrats to Ford! I prefer the BMW M series, however, a couple of different things. 1. Why is BMW messing with the M series? Let’s see there is the M1, M3, M4, M5 and M6… really, please throttle it back a bit on the M series, keep it a unique series like it once was. Also, I can’t stand the Yellow on the M4 that is being sold at this time as pictured in the comparison to the Ford GT above.

    2. Handling, I prefer the handling of BMW over the Ford.

    3. What fits best for you? I personally prefer the BMW over Ford, not for status sake, but for enjoyment sake! The Bimmer’s, in my opinion, are so much more fun to drive and own, and we’ve owned both in our household.

    As a current 5 Series owner and one that had a Ford Mustang GT in the household a couple of years back, the smoothness, quietness, handling and the consistent power are much better in the BMW.

    I really don’t think this is a fair comparison and that they really should compare something higher on the Mustang line than the GT, JMHO.

    • Horatiu B.

      They compared the Mustang as well.