Why Unhappy Retirees Are Driving BMW Cars?

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Certified financial planner Wes Moss says in his book “You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think: The 5 Money Secrets Of The Happiest Retirees, that …

Certified financial planner Wes Moss says in his book “You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think: The 5 Money Secrets Of The Happiest Retirees, that when it comes to luxury cars, the most common pick among unhappy retirees is the BMW.

Moss has surveyed over 1,300 retirees in 46 states about everything from their assets to their happiness and the cars in their driveways. He believes that BMW owners are “still competing and they buy BMW cars because they’re looking for a distraction.

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A BMW car is seen as a high-end status symbol to make them feel better about themselves,” says Moss.  “But in purchasing a car, they have opted, either knowingly or unknowingly, to add an additional financial burden to their lives.”

At the opposite spectrum, Moss says that the happiest retirees in comparably luxurious cars are driving Lexuses.

In the end Moss does acknowledge that driving a particular car won’t magically boost or tank your happiness level.

[Source: BusinessInsider]


4 responses to “Why Unhappy Retirees Are Driving BMW Cars?”

  1. Russell says:

    For me personally it’s the opposite. Driving a BMW DOES make me happier than driving a Lexus, and I take on the financial burden because I enjoy driving the car, not because it’s a status symbol.
    (Actually, I think if I was driving a Lexus every day it would make me unhappy because it would signal to me that I had given up on life’s pleasures and taken the safe and boring option…)

  2. CDspeed says:

    Older people drive Lexuss because they’re soft, and cheaper to buy like a Buick. I’d think that people would be more depressed driving a Lexus because there is no joy in driving them. I test drove a Lexus GS hybrid, I wanted to see what the hybrid drivetrain was like. It had good power, but it was so numb, honestly people who buy any brand of German luxury car buy them because they enjoy driving. People who buy Lexuss just want a luxury car with what they feel is a Luxury ride, they were probably never the type of person who bought a car that brought them any joy.

  3. Portnoy says:

    Its beyond condescending to say that people buy German Luxury because they enjoy driving. If one truly enjoyed driving you would be perfectly happy with a Hyundai Accent. Of course this is a captive audience that caters to the stereotypes so I don’t expect this to reach many.

    • Lisa S. says:

      Not true. I love driving, but I hate driving boring cars. I would buy a nice old bimmer from an auction and enjoy driving that more than a new beige feeling car. I don’t need new… I’d adore a ’99 7 series. wouldn’t trade my 335xi for a new car. I’d just drive the new one on alternate days.

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