BMW M2 rendered once again

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In late 2015, the BMW M2 will come to market to bridge the gap between the M Performance M235i and the M4 Coupe. Just last …

In late 2015, the BMW M2 will come to market to bridge the gap between the M Performance M235i and the M4 Coupe. Just last month, the first F87 BMW M2 prototype was spotted during a testing session and we had the chance to see, despite the light camouflage, some of the design features, starting with the aggressive front fascia and the rear spoiler and the signature M four-exhaust pipes. Kinda what BMW has previewed with their M235i Racing car.

With an aggressiveicon1 package, the M2 will strongly differentiate itself from the M135i hatch and the M235i Coupe model.

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BMW M2 is expected to adopt much of the new chassis technology found in the M3 and M4, including an electronically controlled limited slip rear differential dubbed Active M Differential.

It was also revealed last month that a BMW M2 prototype is currently running under the hood an updated version of the N55 TwinPower 3.0 liter engine (N55B30T0). The same source reveals that the M2 prototype runs with both a manual and automatic transmission.

BMW M2 will most likely have more ponies under the hood than the M235i (340 hp), so expected anywhere from 360 to 380 ponies, leaving enough space to the 425 hp from the new BMW M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe.

The renderings including here are touching some of the design cues we expect to see, but they also fall short especially when it comes to the overall more aggressive stance of the M2 which is expected by many.

[Soure: X-Tomi Design]

7 responses to “BMW M2 rendered once again”

  1. ctchrisf says:

    please tell me they will make a M2 Gran Coupe. With 6 speed manual.

      • Sebastian V says:

        I wouldn’t be too surprised… They probably will try and make a 1 series sedan to compete with the new A3 sedan and, if they are able to do that, it wouldn’t stop them from making a 2 series grand coupe to compete with the CLA. On a comparison video they highlighted how the 2 had more legroom in the backseat than the CLA…

    • jason bourne says:

      We don’t need any more Gran Coupes… For any model.

  2. Dave says:

    Any news about a possible M2 convertible ? Please Alot of people are waiting for an answer.

  3. Fiddle says:

    Overall this looks hideous. The quarter should look more like the f80 than the f82. And that rear bumper cover is ugly as sin, as are the taillights. Front end actually doesn’t look bad, but too similar to the “m”235i, where are the fender flares?

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