2015 BMW X4 vs 2015 BMW X6 – Which One To Buy?

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Ever since we laid our eyes on and drove the new 2015 BMW X4, we began to wonder how it would stack up against the …

Ever since we laid our eyes on and drove the new 2015 BMW X4, we began to wonder how it would stack up against the second-generation BMW X6 and which one would we buy.

Last week BMW has lifted the veil off  the F16 X6 Sports Activity Coupe and while they are not twins, they certainly resemble each other quite well.

The F26 BMW X4 builds atop the X6 SAC design concept, with similar cues, but playing in a lower league. The differences are highlighted in the size of the two cars, price and of course materials and options.

2015 BMW X4 vs 2015 BMW X6   Which One To Buy?

In comparison, the BMW X4 is 23.8 cm shorter, 10.8 cm narrower and 7.8 cm flatter than the new X6. Our picture comparison of X4 and X6 showcases the two cars from all angles and points out the very similar proportions and also in terms of design, the two SUV-coupe like similarities.

In addition to the obvious roofline, the direct transition from kidney and headlamps, the split side character line with special emphasis on the rear wheels and the quite similar rear design, are hard evidence to their similarity.

2015 BMW X4 vs 2015 BMW X6   Which One To Buy?

Inside there are a few difference though. The new X4 has a familiar cockpit from the X3, while the F16 X6 stands out with free-standing infotainment display and high-quality two-tone leather interior, considerably more modern and luxurious.

2015 BMW X4 vs 2015 BMW X6   Which One To Buy?

Large differences also exist in the engine range. Three engines (xDrive30d, xDrive35d, xDrive35i) are available for both the X4 and the X6 available, but others are unique to their model. For example the BMW X4 xDrive20d and the X6 xDrive40d, and of course, the high-end X6 xDrive50i and the M-Performance tuned X6 M50d.

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While some of us base their decision on the finance part, let’s take a look at some high-level base prices.

The BMW X4 xDrive20d, the entry-level model, starts at 45,600 euros in Europe, while the cheapest X6 costs 65,650 euros.

Take a look at the photo gallery below and let us know which one you like best.

[Photos: Bimmertoday]

  • CDspeed

    Hmm, they are fairly close, though the X4 is less sophisticated looking, especially when comparing the interior. But the smaller X4 will be lighter, and therefore more fuel efficient, I had an 08 X5 4.8i, I loved the power but according to my trip computer I was averaging 14.2 MPG. But between the two, I’m not sure which one I’d go for, if I were to go for the X6 it would definitely not be the V8. The one thing that would get me to pick the X6 over the X4, is if BMW builds an X6 eDrive 40i. An eDrive variant would give it an electric mode for short drives, hybrid mode in daily commuting, and sport mode combining the internal combustion engine, and electric motor for some fun dynamic driving. At the moment though I’d say the advantage is with the X4, it’s smaller, lighter, more fuel efficient, cost efficient, and gives you almost the same look.

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  • viper

    X6 for me , the x4 is kinda ugly , way more uglier than x6 , x6 m50d all the way

  • joc

    the x4 looks old already

  • Efoza

    Both are dead boring to look at and no doubt to driver. Who would buy one of these old designs when the best and coolest design is the Range Rover Sport? Sorry BMW but you really need to get your design house to perform better than just to produce a tarted version of a 7 year old X6 and call it a new X6. We are not stupid.

  • Kevin

    Oh. I always loved the original X6 and nearly bought a second hand one for £42k, then nearly bought a new one for £49k with a lot of dealer discount. But loved the look of the X4 so have order an X4 M Sport with almost every toy on it for £53k. Now I see the new X6… oh!

  • Henry

    Has anyone noticed the new BMWs have really cheap exhaust drums at the back and they are sticking out really badly. I cannot help but notice them every time I am behind a new 3 Series or 4 Series, X3 and now the X4. They seem to be of a less quality than the previous 3 Series drums, I think some of them seem like they are rusting already as well and that’s just a terrible sign of poor quality considering the 3 Series came out only a few years ago!!! You can see it on this X4 as well. It really looks bad, I would expect this type of exhaust on a Toyota perhaps? Is it just me or does everyone else also notice this?