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bmw m4 gran coupe 750x500

A new rendering of the BMW M4 Gran Coupe emerges on the interwebs. The latest renders gives us a hypothetical view of the M4 four-door …

A new rendering of the BMW M4 Gran Coupe emerges on the interwebs. The latest renders gives us a hypothetical view of the M4 four-door coupe which BMW says won’t come to market, despite initial reports confirming the car.

If it comes to market, the M4 Gran Coupe would be built atop the F36 4 Series Gran Coupe chassis with M design cues from theĀ  M4 Coupe. Expect the M4 Gran Coupe to look like a smaller version of the M6 Gran Coupe, with similar, if not better driving dynamics.

bmw m4 gran coupe render 750x562

The design illustrated by the artist shows an aggressive front fascia with large air intakes and air curtains, extended wheel arches and a beautiful swooping roof line.

If the car is approved for production the powerplant will be reused from the M3/M4 models. The new S55 3.0 liter TwinPower Turbocharged delivers 431 HP and 406 lb-ft of torque. The torque developed by the S55 is fully available from 1,850 to 5,500 RPM which leads one to believe that the turbos selected for use on the S55 are slightly larger than the ones employed on the N54 motor of yore.

bmw m4 gran coupe 750x562

Just like the M6 Gran Coupe, a potential M4 Gran Coupe would follow the M4 Coupe two years later.

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7 responses to “BMW M4 Gran Coupe – PHOTOSHOP”

  1. CDspeed says:

    The only reason I’d go for this over the M3 is the hatchback, otherwise it is identical to the 3. I know BMW came up with a new naming strategy to keep each model separate and distinct, but they’ve really messed it up.

  2. Marc says:

    M4 4 door = M3…..what in world is going on over there at BMW? So will we get a M3 coupe again? This is a dumb market effort is it actually happens. If I bought at M4 Coupe, I would put a M3 badge on it to honor the legacy. I BMW is board they should make a Retro M3 E30 where they aim for the same weight, size, handling.

  3. Benjamin Tseng says:

    I for one, would be the first customer in this niche market. I’m a cyclist and have been carrying my bikes using the BMW roof rack system. However, after owning e36, e39, e46, e53, e60, e65, and f01, I’m also an enthusiast who prefers to rotate/load/unload my BMWs around corners. Roof racks simply kill the fun when loaded with weight. The hatchback design found in the new 4-series GC makes all the practical sense (and when was the last time you see a “hatchback” this beautiful?) It makes the 4-series GC the best all-around car with its elegant lines, but for some that’s just not enough because a 435i M-Sport will never be a M4. And if you’re telling me to just get a M3 if I want a sedan… I’m sorry, M4 simply is a much better looking car and may even be a more practical one than M3 with the hatchback! And for those who still can’t get over “Why would BMW want to produce a 4-door version of the 2-door coupe that is based on the 4-door sedan?” Well, you’re just missing the point my friend. M6 GC was a big success and absolutely gorgeous to look at. In short, I’d trade in my e60 550i M-Sport (and put those roof racks on Craigslist) in a heart beat when the M4 GC becomes reality!

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