Rendering: BMW – Toyota Sportscar Launching in 2017

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While BMW and Toyota have acknowledged their joint project on a sportscar, the two companies are still being pretty tight-lipped when it comes details around …

While BMW and Toyota have acknowledged their joint project on a sportscar, the two companies are still being pretty tight-lipped when it comes details around the future car.

German magazine AutoZeitung ran a story today on the joint sportscar and some new information have been revealed. First, a source within BMW says that the project is not about a supercar, but rather “an innovative and emotional athlete for larger production.”

So what is known so far? The car will definitely make high use of lightweight materials, starting with carbon fiber and aluminum, and other parts inside the car. The low weight, matched to a front-engine, rear-wheel drive architecture will turn the car into a “fast athlete”, not only on track but on regular roads as well.

Rendering: BMW   Toyota Sportscar Launching in 2017

The car is also said to be sitting extremely low with the driver having an unusually low-positioned instrument panel in his or her field of vision.

Under the hood, BMW is said to favor a supercharged version of the S55 3.0 liter inline six engine with nearly 400 horsepower.

The standard sprint from zero to 100 km/h? Likely it will come in about four seconds with a top speed of 250 km/h. A hybrid version, and a diesel are not planned by BMW so far.

The possible entry price points are expected to be at best under the 35,000 euro mark for the Toyota version, while the sharper and stronger BMW will cost at least 5,000 and 10,000 euros more.

The joint sportscar will debut sometimes in 2017.

  • Roland Renno

    I don’t understand what kind of move is that.

    • Horatiu B.

      Best technology of both worlds.

      • Carlos

        I’m sorry but exactly what technology would Toyota provide if they aren’t really innovating anymore like they did in the late 80’s/90’s?

      • Roland Renno

        Umm, I’m not sure Toyota has a technology to be compared or let’s say to suit BMW in terms of performance.

        Speaking honestly, we (BMW fans) need a car like the Ferrari Italia, a pure exotic car with a 4.0 litre high-rev engine (around 9.000 RPM) delivering around 525 hp. Please NOT another i8.

        • Typhoon


        • Hugo Becker

          The BMW tech is the CFRP processes – expect an aluminum ‘frame’ with a CFRP passenger structure, and plastic ‘finish’ panels – not unlike the i8 but with a front engine/rear drive layout.

          From what we’re lead to believe Toyota wanted access to the CFRP production processes BMW has pioneered.

          BMW will gain access to the hybrid tech Toyota has pioneered (and it’s not electric motor/battery tech, but rather the software that makes it work that is important).

          Since the i3/i8 were announced at least one person from BMWBLOG, who shall remain nameless, has been insisting that BMW build a sports car with that tech. Granted, I’ve asked for a rear engine/rear drive 700 revival, so it’s not quite what BMW is doing. ; -)


    One of the reasons the Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7 and Nissan Z originally failed is because the prices moved into the 40s and they didn’t sell enough of them to keep the project alive. A joint venture keeps cost down for a somewhat low volume project and improves the chances of it being a success. The 30-40K sports car doesn’t exist anymore and I for one would love for it to make a comeback.

  • Crux

    If you do not understand the move, then it’s very hard to give you a perspective from a non fanboy standpoint. Let’s just say, the smartest joint-venture in the automotive business. Very very good for 40k and under real-day-to-day driven sports car. Win for enthusiasts.

    • Roland Renno

      I’m trying not to be racist BMW despite the fact that I am but speaking from a neutral point of view, when someone wants to buy a certain sports car, that person is most probably determined and has specific expectations in mind.

  • Alecs

    Se parece mucho al lamborghini urus…it lucks like the lamborghini urus

  • viper

    how come bmw can’t make this kind of car themselves ?

  • Guest

    This joint-venture has become a joke !!!!

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  • aeon888

    Well, Germany and Japan are allies again at least this time for a good cause.

    • felixilef

      And likely to be as successful as their previous 1940s alliance …