eBay Find: 2012 BMW X6 Hamann Tycoon Evo M – $99,900

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Hamann-tuned BMWs are rarely seen on U.S. soil, but surprisingly one showed up on eBay. A 2012 BMW X6 Hamann Tycoon Evo M was listed …

Hamann-tuned BMWs are rarely seen on U.S. soil, but surprisingly one showed up on eBay. A 2012 BMW X6 Hamann Tycoon Evo M was listed by North Carolina-based dealer Godspeed Motors at an auction price of $99,900.

The Hamann tuning program consists of changes to erodynamics, suspension, exhaust system and accessories(e.g wheels, interior elements). Aerodynamics include upgrades to the front spoiler, bumper moldings with led-daytime running lights, side skirts, rear spoiler and roof spoiler.

The dealer says that there are “60K in upgrades all professionally done”, and that the “car sold for $145,000 just over a year ago.”

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Here is the full list of upgrades along with a photo gallery:

TYCOON EVO M with EVO M Front Bumper & 22″ Anniversary Evo Black Line Wheels

  • HAMANN Tycoon Evo M Front Bumper w/ 4 LED daytime running lamps
  • HAMANN Front Fender Set
  • HAMANN Side Skirts
  • HAMANN Rear Fender Extensions (6-pc rear fender extensions)
  • HAMANN Center Molding for 2 Central Tailpipes
  • HAMANN Rear Spoiler (Large)
  • HAMANN Roof Spoiler
  • HAMANN Sport Rear Muffler 2 Tailpipes Central (2 round 120 mm tailpipes)
  • HAMANN Bonnet Emblem (Black with silver HAMANN logo)
  • HAMANN Trunk Lid Emblem (Black with silver HAMANN logo)
  • AC SCHNITZER Rear Spoiler (in lieu of HAMANN Rear Spoiler, Large)
  • VORSTEINER Sport Hood w/ Visible Carbon-Fiber Vents


  • Exclusive BMW Frozen Silver (Grey) Paint with Matte Finish,
  • Limited Edition E92 M3′s, less than 200 in the World, were sprayed with this paint as part of BMW M GmbH’s 40th anniversary.


  • FORGIATO AGGIO 22 x 10.5 (F) for BMW X6M HAMANN Tycoon Evo M Widebody
  • FORGIATO AGGIO 22 x 12.0 (R) for BMW X6M HAMANN Tycoon Evo M Widebody
  • ECL (Extreme Concave Lip), Special Offset Required
  • Gloss Black Face, Lip, Bolts, Inner Barrel


  • Active Autowerke ECU Upgrade
    +86 RWHP!  (at the wheels; estimated +100hp at the crank!)
    +117 lb-ft TQ  (at the wheels)
    – All factory safety parameters have been left in place, ensuring reliable, everyday performance.
    – Software is indiscernible to BMW Dealer. Fully Reversible.
    Improved torque over factory settings throughout RPM range
    – Recalibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive power delivery
    – Top speed limiter removed


  • HAMANN Sport Rear Muffler w/ Dual Round Central Stainless-Steel Tailpipes (Ø 120mm).


  • HAMANN Lowering Kit 2 progressive springs for FA. Lowering kit for RA. Lowering approximately 30-40mm.
  • 4 Wheel Alignment


  • Paint OEM Calipers Gloss Orange with Hamann Logo under Clearcoat


  • HAMANN Exclusive Floormat Set (Black with silver HAMANN logo)
  • HAMANN Aluminum Pedals (Black Anodized Aluminum. Automatic transmission.)

WCM Deviated Stitching Package

  • Orange Contrast Diamond Stitching on Seat Inserts
  • Orange Contrast Diamond Stitching on Door Inserts
  • Orange Contrast Stitching to Replace OEM Stitching

XTERIOR  (+$1938)

  • BMW Center Grilles in Carbon Fiber
  • Install Carbon Fiber Grilles in Vorsteiner Hood
  • Paint Roof in Gloss Black
  • Paint HAMANN Roof Spoiler in Gloss Black
  • Paint “Base” of OEM Trunk Emblem in Gloss Black
  • Remove “///M” Logo, Buy OEM Part, and Paint in Matte Black
  • Paint HAMANN Emblem, Individual Letters in Matte Black
  • Keyhole Cover (Driver Side)
  • Paint Keyhole Cover in Matte Grey
  • Smoke Headlights
  • Smoke Taillights
  • Smoke Reflectors in Rear Bumper
  • Smoke Indicators in Front Bumper
  • Smoke Side Indicators in Fender
  • Paint Fender Vent w/ HAMANN Logo in Gloss Black
  • Satin Black Faux “Vents” on Bumpers/Fender Extensions
  • Satin Black Rear Bumper Trim
  • Satin Black (hi-temp paint) Exhaust Tips

AUDIO/VIDEO  (+$3989, including Passport 9500ci)

  • Passport 9500ci w/ Remote & Installation (product info)
  • Dynamat Interior – Doors, Floor, Quarter Panels (+$1578)

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