F82 M4 or F80 M3 – Which One Would You Buy?

BMW M4 | December 27th, 2013 by 22

In 2014 BMW will debut both of their M3 sedan and coupe models, or shall we say, M4? The F82 M4 builds atop the new …

In 2014 BMW will debut both of their M3 sedan and coupe models, or shall we say, M4? The F82 M4 builds atop the new F32 4 Series Coupe while the F80 M3 uses the F30 chassis as the starting point.

While the M4 stands out with its sleek design and highly attractive roofline, the F80 M3 is shaping up to be one of the best looking and balanced-designs in the current BMW lineup. While the previous E90 M3 sold in less quantities than the E92 M3 Coupe, this time around, the odds might be in sedan’s favor. The F80 M3 stands out with its rear-end and the purposeful rear wheel arches.


Since it starts on a smaller track (the F30), the F80 M3 has a width of 1877 mm versus 1870 mm for the M4, and furthermore, the rear-end features a wider bodykit to bring it to the same dimensions as the M4.

Model F80 M3 F82 M4
Length 4671 mm / 183.9 in 4671 mm / 183.9 in
Width 1877 mm / 73.9 in 1870 mm / 73.6 in
Height 1424 mm / 56.0 in 1383 mm / 54.4 in
Wheelbase 2812 mm /110.7 in 2812 mm /110.7 in
Track Front Width 1579 mm / 62.1 in 1579 mm / 62.1 in
Track Rear Width 1603 mm / 63.1 in 1603 mm / 63.1 in

So the choice is now tougher than ever. We went to our BMWBLOG team to find out which ///M car would they choose and why.

Andrew Murphy

Coupé for me every time due to sex appeal.

Manny Antunes

Sedan for practicality for me. If I didn’t have kids, I’d take the coupe. 

James Bachici

Sedan for practicality but for me, and I realize I’m in the minority here, the visual dimensions as well.

Chuck Vossler

Both look awesome but I’d choose the M3 for myself.  I think the M3 differentiates itself from a 3 Series M Sport than an M4 does from an 435i M Sport.  I love the HUGE M3 wheel arches and the new carbon fiber roof.  I admit to being biased though, as I owned a M3 sedan for 6 years.  Nothing better than passing someone on track when you are driving a sedan :)  I’ll take mine white with black wheels and a CF roof!

Let us know in the comments below which one would you buy!


  • Sandman

    BMW M4 ;)

  • Edox


  • Mateo

    sedan looks better on this pics because of paint.
    m4 for me

  • Arch

    M3 because wheel arches and wider stance.

  • FRED

    M4 of course!!…..3 doors sport

  • Scott Villeneuve

    I’m definitely going to go with an M3.



  • WheelNuts

    M3. I don’t like the idea of 4 series and I’m not going to support it.

  • Otto

    I won’t know how to explain to my friends what the “smokey burnout” is useful for;

  • Todd

    What about the interior dimensions — are they the same? I’m a big fella, and I would like to have elbow room. It’s hard to believe that the M4 isn’t roomier somehow for 1-2 passengers.

    On the other hand, as a current 1 series owner and occasional wearer of business suits, I HATE having to squeeze through to the back seats to retrieve items — I inevitably get my suit dirty by touching the outside of the car while maneuvering my large torso through the doorway behind the front seat. (Yeah, I know, don’t let the car get dirty, but that’s not always possible in the rainy hot climate where I live.) For that reason alone, I’m thinking M3. And yes, I’m going to be buying one in 2015.

    • Horatiu B.

      Same interior space I believe.

      I hear you on the 2-door, I have the 1M and I think an M3 would work well.

      • peanut

        One day you might be at the traffic lights and a shiny black LCI competiton pack m4 will pull up next to you and the first thing you will think is why did i

  • bojanb

    Both :)…’s a tough decision…both cars look great. Honestly, have to wait for GrandCoupe and convertible to see how they look like….definitely going to pass on GT if it gets an M variant:/

    • joe

      convertible will win that battle hands down

  • TangoUrilla

    M4 my order is already in.

  • Roland Renno

    BMW M4, definitely.

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  • sam hindi

    definitely the M4! ultimate sports car

  • joe

    for me the m3 looks like an f30 with a kit unlike the m4 that looks like a car that was designed to be that way… so m4 for me

  • Erebus330

    M3. I just think it straight up looks better.

  • Jan Bottcher

    M4 only because I’m single otherwise it would be M3
    My present cat is the 4 l M3 coupe and I loved if it was’t for the the thirty engine Cheers Jan

  • Awesoman

    M4 looks sexier and sportier