What’s next? BMW M boss on M7, M3 GT, M5 xDrive

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The BMW M7 topics comes back to focus. In an interview for Autocar, the M Division engineering boss Albert Biermann says that a BMW M7 …

The BMW M7 topics comes back to focus. In an interview for Autocar, the M Division engineering boss Albert Biermann says that a BMW M7 should be created above the 7 Series sedan.

A BMW M7 should be created from the 7-series saloon, says M division engineering boss Albert Biermann.

Even though ALPINA offers a B7 model with high-performance numbers, Biermann says an M7 would be quite difference.

“I would love to compete in this area of the market,” he said. “The money is just there to pick up. An M7 would be a much different proposition to the B7.”

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But Biermann said an M7 was not in the product plan at present as M division concentrates on other projects. “There’s so many nice things you could do with unlimited money,” he said.

What does he mean by that? First, the research around an M5 and M6 model with xDrive, two models that would compete with similar offerings from Audi and Mercedes. Second, an M3 version based on the 3 Series GT which could launch in 2016.

BMW M is not planning to extend its suite of SUVs with M versions of the X3 and upcoming X4 to join its X5 M and X6 M models. Instead, it will develop M Performance versions, similar to how Audi differentiates S and RS models.

8 responses to “What’s next? BMW M boss on M7, M3 GT, M5 xDrive”

  1. I see the point of the M7, it would take the S63 on quite well since the Audi S8 is not an RS model, it does compete on a performance level, but it doesn’t compete on a brand level.

    The M3 GT could potentially be the worst idea that the M division could come up with. I think it may be a strange figure, perhaps the outside child like the E63 AMG S wagon, only with less character and grace.

  2. viper says:

    bummer for the M fans , like who in the blue hell needs 3gt m?
    the m5 and m6 with x dirve should have beeen an option already no?
    everyone would love to see the uber 7er , the M badge on a 7 series , something to spice up the competition , the s63 or even maybe the s65 amg?..fans and potential buyers would love that..
    seriously m3 gt is a stupid idea , so is the car itself , I don’t see the point in too many x models , like another x4 m…whatever , but the 7er….just like the S class -a straight liner beast , why not bmw m7 then? it’s a question asked for years now and finally this guy tells you something that I’ve been telling for years , it’s the money issue bro.! there.

  3. Crux says:

    I’m sure these C-level execs all the way to the top have funded BI Analytics to project where the money should go. M3 GT, that is the most wasteful R&D imho. You know how many F10 5 series GT I see on the road. ‘0’ = to zero-nada-nil… I drive in one of the busiest freeways in America, unless this is solely a European model release a GT would be a joke. S63 buyers have no choice but to stick to Merc, if there was an option of a higher marquee like a M7. Mercedes would lose a chunk of those customers, even old rich people want to be cool and sporty. This is the reason the BMW M7 needs to come to fruition.

    • viper says:

      let’s just hope the whole interview was a misdirection , 3 m gt come ON wtf , almost as stupid as an idea of i3 with 6 wheels , who the f needs that? I seriously don’t get it , since the mone is an issue here (for years now) , why don’t they just borrow it from merc or something?….haha

    • M7 would only have the S63 to compete with too. The RS8 isn’t going to see the light of day as per Audi. Niche market for niche prices and niche exclusivity.

  4. Leander G4real Glenn says:

    Why not a M7. There is a market for it. I currently own a 2011 750li and would trade it in a new York second for a M7. The M7 would compete with the Audi RS7 and the Benz S63 AMG. Increase the engine hp to say 495 to 505 hp. Upgrade the brakes, put say 22 inch wheels, a bolder looking front spoiler, colored grille, roof spoiler, trunk spoiler a bolder looking rear bumper and 4 chrome tips exhaust pipes. Place paddle shifters on a M steering wheel and you got yourself a winner. Say maybe only 3 or 4 colors to select from. If BMW need someone to help create this ultimate driving machine I would be honored to help out.

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