Rachel and her love for the BMW 135i

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rachel mills bmw 135i 01 750x500 Rachel and her love for the BMW 135i

Rachel is one of those millions of BMW fans that fell in love with the brand and her passion for the Roundel reminds us how …

Rachel is one of those millions of BMW fans that fell in love with the brand and her passion for the Roundel reminds us how unique the BMW community is. “My love for BMW is what sparked the Lady__Driven Instagram account,” says Rachel. “I wanted to create a place for other dedicated ladies in the car industry because we are a rare but growing breed.”

A California-born, Rachel is also the proud owner of a special BMW: a Le Mans Blue 135i with a six-speed manual transmission. The 135i has just concluded its first and last production run, and it is highly regarded as an enthusiasts’ car. Rachel ordered the 300 horsepower 135i in August 2012 and comes with the beautiful M Sport Package and no navigation or seat heaters, to reduce weight as Rachel has told us. Future upgrades to the car are planned, including a carbon fiber splitter, trunk lip and rear diffuser.

rachel mills bmw 135i 03 750x500 Rachel and her love for the BMW 135i

As a lady that enjoys spirited driving, she plans to add JB4 tuning, KW suspension, and a CSL wheel set up.

So what’s driving her passion for BMW? “I will forever be a BMW fan girl because they have figured it all out, says Rachel. “They have found a way to make the perfect daily driver, that you can either convert to a full race car or take to the track stock and still throw down better lap times than people with modified cars.”

While she loves all types of cars, it’s the love and passion for BMW that keeps her tied to the Bavarians. “BMW has found the perfect formula for luxury and aggressive aesthetics, without sacrificing performance (unlike most other luxury vehicles).”

And what’s a better way to showcase her love for the 135i other than a special photo and videoshoot with her car.

Here at BMWBLOG we encourage all the ladies to share their BMW story with us, or simply their passion for cars.

rachel mills bmw 135i 02 750x500 Rachel and her love for the BMW 135i

Video: http://pking1.photobiz.com
Pictures: www.jessecallahan.com (jessecallahan on instagram)
Instagram: lady__driven or rachelm_mills

  • ulistaerk

    I think you got hacked and someone uploaded spam.

  • herrdoktor

    I wouldn’t mind taking that for a ride. The car either.

  • Otto

    WTF ?!
    What’s next ? Rachel in bed with her 135i ?

    • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

      Why is everyone so negative?

      • Otto

        Come on, if Rachel was 100 pounds heavier, would we be talking about her even ?

        • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

          Yes. You’ll see.

        • Derrick Rose

          or 10 years older

          • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

            I don’t get it. I’m actually happy to see lots of female BMW fans. Especially those that drive manuals also. And it’s cool to see they appreciate the BMW brand for their iconic things versus just image.

    • Alexandr Kochubey

      They are so negative, because they are running their mechanic gears, and their minds are blamed with such serious beautiful model like i135)

  • chodaboy19

    Yeah it’s sexist at best.

  • StraightSix

    The looker of a car, certainly goes nice with the looker of a female, and that what this lady sure is. That is all there is. Nice photos.

  • Roland Renno

    I applause Rachel’s devotion and passion for BMW and I respect her fineness taste for cars. I guess she doesn’t stop here as she seems to have a refined taste for life.
    Well done Rachel and I’m glad you’re one of us. :)

  • Joe

    Style, class, dynamism, elegance and beautiful lines…. Oh and there’s a car too

  • TouringInternational

    The 1 series seems to attrack the ladies. The macho-man side of me feels a bit of a put off by this. I LOVE small Bimms, but I don’t know… the 1 is starting to be the New Beetle of BMW.

  • Alexandr Kochubey

    You know if there will be tiptronic, like shift up and shift down, the lady will be much more faster to investigate if the her best friend from school, Amanda is накуренный, smoky, and of course their would be nice if the CD changer would be in the baggage divider

  • Alexandr Kochubey

    This is how the faren should look like for women car, please, consider this

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