Jeremy Clarkson reviews the BMW 435i M Sport

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bmw 435i coupe images 6711 750x500 Jeremy Clarkson reviews the BMW 435i M Sport

Top Gear’s famous host Jeremy Clarkson reviews the new BMW 435i M Sport. The M Sport Package includes revised front and rear aprons, large alloy …

Top Gear’s famous host Jeremy Clarkson reviews the new BMW 435i M Sport.

The M Sport Package includes revised front and rear aprons, large alloy wheels and some modifications for the interior, including sports seats and sports steering wheel. In combination with the M package, BMW offers the Estoril Blue Metallic color.

No power upgrades are included in the package. The BMW 435i uses the same drivetrain as the F30 335i: turbocharged inline six-cylinder with 306 horsepower. The engine can be paired to a six-speed manual transmission or eight-speed automatic.

bmw 435i coupe images 6711 750x498 Jeremy Clarkson reviews the BMW 435i M Sport

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In the US, the BMW 435i with rear-wheel drive starts at $46,000 while the M Sport is an additional $3,100.

Here is an excerpt from Clarkson’s review:

So I was surprised and, yes, a little bit disappointed when I put my foot down for the first time in BMW’s new 435i coupé. This is the sporty two-door version of the 3-series. In the past it would have been called the 3-series coupé but BMW has decided to give it a name of its own, which has allowed the stylists to have a freer hand. A much freer hand, as it turns out, because the only panel this car shares with its four-door stablemate is the bonnet.

The rest is all different and all new and nowhere near as dramatic as I’d been expecting. Yes, it’s lower and wider than the saloon — the rear wheels are about 3in further apart — but it lacks visual presence. And on the face of it, that doesn’t sound such a good idea.

When someone buys the two-door version of a four-door car, they are spending more money and getting less practicality. And the only reason they would want to do this is: they want more style. And with the 4-series I’m not sure they’re getting it.

Which brings me back to the noise. Floor the throttle and all you get is a gentle hum, the sound of an engine that is doing a spot of gardening or maybe popping down the road for a pint of milk. It doesn’t really sound as though it’s making much of an effort at all.

Maybe it isn’t. Because even though it’s a 3-litre turbocharged straight six, it’s producing only 302 brake horsepower. That’s 14bhp less than you get from the 3-litre turbocharged straight six in the smaller BMW M135i. What we have, then, is a car that is more expensive than the more practical 3-series and slower than the 1-series. A bad start.

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5 responses to “Jeremy Clarkson reviews the BMW 435i M Sport”

  1. Maniac says:

    I love how you stop the review copy above right at the point where he tells you why, what sounds like a negative, is actually a positive.

  2. Aaron says:

    After reading the full review, I kinda think Jeremy hit the nail on the head. As much as I love this car, I agree with him completely.

  3. Roland Renno says:

    That guy is not worth commenting on. He’s desperate as he’s growing in age and wrinkles, the man is seeking a way to impress.

    The 435i has taken BMW to another level, a level of Gran Tourismo and prestige.

  4. Cerulean says:

    Everything he days makes sense considering he has access to every incredible vehicle on the planet. Nevertheless this car is spectacular to drive, beautiful to look at and still will blow your hair back when asked. In a world where cars are looking more unremarkable the 435i is a thing of great design. Like the M Sport better than the other options.

  5. Keith McLuckie says:

    I have had my 430d M Sport for just over a week. It replaces a 330d M Sport Coupe. The difference between them is marked. Clarkson does have a point – the 4 is quieter, the 3 distinctly tipped the other way – a little edgy. I read somewhere the 4 is less a sporty 3 series as a coupe and more a mini-six series – that’s probably what Clarkson is saying but in less words. I haven’t run it in for the prescribed 1200km yet so haven’t put pedal to metal yet but it shows considerable early promise. I was irritated by the lack of apparently promised power socket in the passenger footwell and a driver side glove box as in the 330 (all shown in brochure & hand book) but BMW have only a facade of customer service I’m afraid – the trouble is they make bloody good cars – take it or leave it.

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