Rumor: BMW M4 “CSL” lightweight scheduled for 2016

Rumors | October 3rd, 2013 by 9
BMW M4 Coupe Concept colors 19 750x500 Rumor: BMW M4 CSL lightweight scheduled for 2016

In 2016, BMW celebrates its 100th birthday and the M division is apparently planning a special model. A BMW M4 lightweight, think CSL-like, is on …

In 2016, BMW celebrates its 100th birthday and the M division is apparently planning a special model. A BMW M4 lightweight, think CSL-like, is on the roadmap and for senior BMW M sources have hinted to a vehicle similar to the M3 GTS by bringing more power to the table and dropping some weight.

Same sources have hinted that M is trying to get its manual-only track tear away M4 GTS beneath the 1400kg barrier, although they say it’s a difficult task. The 2014 BMW M4 weighs around 1500 kilograms when using a manual transmission and limited options.

BMW M4 Coupe Concept colors 19 655x433 Rumor: BMW M4 CSL lightweight scheduled for 2016

The rumor says that M is planning to extend the M4’s use of carbon fiber from the current roof and boot lid to include the bonnet and the front wings. As we mentioned in previous articles aluminum is also part of the overall weight reduction strategies and in this case the steel doors are being replaced by the lighter metal.

Inside the rear seats are said to be removed completely and the electronically operated front seats replaced with a stiff, light carbon shell covered in thin padding. Just like other special M models, Alcantara will replace leather.

“The E46 M3 was 1495kg and the CSL was 100kg lighter,” one BMW M source pointed out.

“For what we are planning, look more to the M3 GTS than the CSL. We have concepts for a special model and this [the M4] will be the homologation basis.”

But could this mean a new E46 CSL type of vehicle? The sources say that current models are already using many of the techniques used in the iconic E46 CSL.

“It’s difficult for a CSL today. We have already major steps that we would have taken, like thinner glass and lighter seats and lighter wheels and less sound deadening. We’ve already done all of that,” said the source.

“We add weight to the standard car because of the M4’s bigger brakes and stronger suspension and the locking diff, then we try to take it all out again in other areas, which was the CSL philosophy.”

It remains to be seen whether the project comes to life and if it does, it might turn out to be an European-only deal, same as the E92 M3 GTS and M3 CRT.

  • Giorgi Gogua

    we whant CSL… soooo do ittttt

  • Mariani

    I am the kind of guy who doesn’t want electric windows and seats, or even a sound system on an M.

    I get the Beemers are supposed to be luxurious (!?), but I still don’t see a place for such things on a bespoke driver’s car.

    Although removing the rear seats beats the purpose of having such a big car to begin with.

    Anyway, that’s good to hear. A bit of an antidote to the synthesized engine note that will be present on the F30.

    • Horatiu B.

      I’m assuming it will be a track-focused model, so therefore no need for back seats.

      • rajith

        but BMW said that they will build a ///M8 for their anniversary!! they ar not gonna make the M8..!!? :(

    • BottomGear

      Guess I don’t really understand why you would want a BMW if you want a car like that? Why not a Caterham or Ariel Atom? If you take out the AC, electric windows, seats, etc., from a BMW, what do you have? An overweight and uncomfortable GT? I understand your desire for lightness with no frills, but doesn’t seem like BMW is really the marque for that.

  • digivue

    This version will have a super car price if it makes it here. I think regular m4 will be approaching 100K with options, basing that 320i can be optioned around 50K. While bimmer is cool and all it’s by no means a super car. They should get their pricing in check.

  • Patrik PATWIST Žec

    Better than BMW M3, has a nice front mask In orange color it will be luxury :-)

  • Patrik PATWIST Žec

    I love this car and too BMW M3, this M4 has a nice front mask