BMW M6 owner smashes own car in protest over defects

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Frustration can drive one to unimaginable territories and the video below comes as supporting evidence to this claim. A frustrated BMW M6 owner resorts to …

Frustration can drive one to unimaginable territories and the video below comes as supporting evidence to this claim. A frustrated BMW M6 owner resorts to “physical force” against his BMW M6 in protest for some quality issues with the vehicle.

The 2008 BMW M6 Coupe was brought to the Frankfurt Auto Show and suffered a beating with a sledgehammer.

According to Frankfurt’s edition of Bild, Italian marble dealer Hadi Pourmohseni has been frustrated with numerous defects after four years of rigmarole and finger-pointing for a car that he paid 120,000 euros.

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Hadi said along with a letter to BMW, he brought the car to Frankfurt during the largest European auto show of the year so that he and co-batter Thomas Brunner could publicly unleash their frustration.

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17 responses to “BMW M6 owner smashes own car in protest over defects”

  1. Sbabba says:

    Well, if he really didn’t like the car he could have gave it to me instead of destroying it.

    What an idiot.

  2. auaq says:

    Looked like fun though. This is like Jeremy Clarkson’s territory.

  3. Mateo says:

    according to autoexpress co uk : “Frustrated that BMW in Italy couldn’t fix rattles and vibrations in his 6 Series, owner Pourmohseni Hadi took a sledgehammer to the BMW outside the Frankfurt Motor Show last week.”

    he should buy f13 6er, new one is more GT car and less sport like e63….

  4. says:

    No words 2 idiots wanting to make a name , must been paid by BMW rivals to do it! I would happily take the car with the rattles and noise and fix this MINOR problem, He must make a lot of money to make a fool of himself !!!

  5. Michael says:


  6. BMW Fan says:

    Sometimes God gives money to idiots like this, and just then I keep on saying that life is unfair.

  7. rajith says:

    this is Audi’s work!!!

  8. rimfire says:

    What a pair of arseloch! Stupid is as stupid does.

  9. FRED says:

    I thought nearly 2014, cavemans had already disappeared!….

  10. FRED says:

    I think this video never had to be published….

  11. sergio says:

    if he does not need the €€, and he is fedup with a problem that a car of this price should not have, BMW does not fixit. i think he had a great way to show it.
    i would do the same thing with my 320d touring if i also had plenty of €€€, because there is a rattle, that is there since 0km, and BMW Portugal could not resolve.

    • says:

      Here is Joke about Rattles and noise !! Mr Jones Bought a new Rolls and it was the best and quietest car he ever drove, a year later a noise was making him crazy, it was a rattle coming from some place? he took the car many times back to be checked but no one could find anything, the answer was we cant find any rattles !! driving back he decides that he had enough and will push himself with the Rolls over the hill, frustrated he lights his last cigar, opens the ashtray and there laying is his son marble……….

  12. ☆Krysta☆ Mae☆ says:

    Sell the damn car, get some of your money back and get a new one. Now he’s out 120k or more and cant salvage that car. Fucking idiot!

  13. Larry LaRose says:

    I wish I could afford to do this with my 2009 X6 50i.

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