Study says BMW drivers are jerks

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58730374 640 Study says BMW drivers are jerks

The BMW drivers stereotype is back. Once again. According to two separate studies conducted in the US and UK, the BMW drivers are labeled as …

The BMW drivers stereotype is back. Once again. According to two separate studies conducted in the US and UK, the BMW drivers are labeled as not being a polite bunch, to use the softer words.

According to New York Times quoting researchers at the University of California, BMW drivers were far less likely to stop for a pedestrian who had just entered a cross walk. ”Fancy cars were less likely to stop,” researcher Paul K. Piff told the paper, adding, “BMW drivers were the worst.”

BMW drivers and even Prius customers were also more likely to cheat at a 4-way stop.

58730374 640 Study says BMW drivers are jerks

The second study from UK comes in a way to support that statement. The UK motorists were asked to identify the make and color of the car from which they have most frequently suffered road rage incidents, and the results point to men between the ages of 35 and 50 driving blue BMWs. The drivers were labeled as aggressive and engaging in road-rage behaviors.

Back in 2008, Audi launched a viral video campaign that showcased the different type of drivers, with the typical stereotypes.

Here is how the different drivers were described:

  • Audi – More mature, calm, the quiet guy in the family and a “wife material” girlfriend.
  • Lexus – Controlling wife, geeky, “sweet” children
  • Mercedes-Benz – older customer
  • BMW – techno music lover, inconsiderate and arrogant

Share with us your opinion on the different type of drivers you’ve encountered.

[Source:  Marketwatch]
  • Mostly True

    Yeah, even though I drive one, I agree many BMW drivers drive like asses. They give us a bad rep. My GF was bitching to me about an ass hat BMW driver the other day even.

    I’ve actually found mustang drivers to be the biggest dicks, though. So many at my work… don’t stop for stop signs.. crosswalks.. traffic light to traffic light / speed bump to speed bump racers… etc… worse are the ones with V8s, Cobras, etc.. revving any chance they get.. they’re like the Harley’s of autos

  • Michael

    Honestly, I don’t disagree with their findings but I don’t care. If those adjectives had a negative connotation to me then I would have purchased something else. It’s BMW’s niche and I’m happy to be part of it :-p

  • canuck

    The car doesn’t make the driver. Ass hats are ass hats regardless of what they drive.

  • auaq

    What about these highly spirited youths that drive HONDAS/ACURAS made out of tin foil, loud irritating and absolutely annoying exhaust sounds, laid back seats with one hand on the steering wheel, rear windshield vibrating from loudspeakers, etc. etc. …… ????

  • A. Nony Mous

    As Audi has become more popular in America I’ve started to notice a lot more asshats driving Audis. Certainly a lot still drive BMWs, but at least it’s not so concentrated with BMWs anymore.


      No matter what you are still driving a VW it associates you with a cheap car, that car for the people as was intended will be all the time associated with a cheap product, they try to fool people by saying it is a different car, but we know its a VW …………. most of the parts are VW …..a4/Jetta etc etc..

    • FreudeKing

      Audi drivers will never drive like BMW drivers even if they wanted to. How can a VW with a 4 ring badge handle as perfectly as a BMW. Afterall, there is a reason why VWs are not part of this and Audi being just VWs with a different skin is no different.

  • Guest

    You know who are the absolutely most irritating and inconsiderate drivers out there? Toyota and Honda minivans. Soccer parents with their howling kids packed in the back, careening from one kids’ event to the next, yapping on the cell phone the whole way. Plus, those vehicles are dangerously overpowered for the brakes, handling, and drivers that they have.

    • Matt

      Too true, I had to drive one of those massive Honda minivans once and it was an awful experience. When I went to brake it felt as if I was pushing the pedal through the floor – quite different to my Golf that’s for sure!

  • Matt

    I think the problem is that when someone sees a BMW, they instantly become jealous of the person driving it and mask that jealousy by labelling them an inconsiderate driver. Driving a BMW is the place to be.

    • Name

      Yeah right, when i’m driving in my a8 w12 i’m so fucking jealous of the guy who is tailgating me with his 15 year old 520i.

      • Matt

        Your language is inconsiderate.
        Your boasting about your Audi is a fine example of arrogance.
        Are you sure you’re not (by stereotype) a BMW driver?


        Yep you are driving a bigger VW that is all……

        • FreudeKing

          hahaha Your ugly VW A8! Shame! Can you not afford a BMW?? so rather buy a VW at close to BMW price.

      • Robert

        BMW drivers may earn their rep, but you sir went well above the call of duty. Pure ass hat, but I credit you for sticking the landing.

    • adiaiadi

      yea right, jealous???you must be full of it…..

    • Mike


    • brkf

      Nobody is jealous of a BMW. Nobody. Get out of the 90s.

  • Ryan Duncan

    I am a BMW driver (E38) and I consider myself to be an excellent driver. On my commute I can get up to a significant speed and most traffic will let me pass and they will let me be the “rabbit.” I find the majority of problems comes from the trucks (F150s, Ram 1500s) who think they are king of the road.

  • MutantMessiah

    I’ve asked three cops: “Are there any makes of cars whose drivers are noticably more aggressive or ruder than others?” One had no opinion. The other two said, “BMW”.
    My experience confirms that. Again and again, they prove themselves to be jerks.

    • Horatiu B.

      Sometimes BMW drivers can be perceived that way, but I think it just comes down to the personality of individuals, not the cars they drive.

      • MutantMessiah

        They are “perceived that way” because they ARE that way: rude and aggressive. Such people are, for some reason, attracted to BMW’s. The cars don’t make them drive that way. That’s the kind of person they are.

        • Horatiu B.

          Then that includes all of us on the site then :)

          • MutantMessiah

            I’m sure not all BMW drivers are jerks. Just a wildly disproportional share of them.

  • Red

    My experiance is that yes, BMW drivers are jerks, but those are mostly young guys that are just showing off. Here you can get a used E36,E39 for about a grand so most kids that have just got their license can get one. And then you have young guys in their credit bought VAG group cars, who think they grabbed god by the nuts and own the road.

    • Horatiu B.

      Some are, but I wouldn’t say it’s a stereotype. I drive an 1M and I feel that I’m quite respectful to others.

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